Dual boot Galaxy S3 with Googy-Max Kernel

Want to use both Samsung firmware and CyanogenMod ROM at the same time on your Samsung Galaxy S3? Well, you can do so now. Thanks to Googy-Max Kernel which based on the famous Siyah Kernel. Yes, you can dual boot into Samsung Jelly Bean firmware and CM10.1 or CM10.2 ROM at the same time. Enjoy the best of both worlds. Besides, lot of goodies is added too like CPU & GPU overclocking and undervolting, dual sound engine (Wolfson and ScoobyDoo), auto rooting…

Googy-Max Kernel

Interested? Head to XDA Forum (link) to find out more. Let me know the result after you tried it on your Galaxy S3. Thanks.


  1. Hi sir,may i ask something,may s3 suddently on and off this dah,ive tried to remove the battery after 2hours when i try to put it again,its the same,on and off,no light indication .what happen to my s3?any advice for my problem,thanks in advance sir


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