Elephone Trunk dead / can’t power on

Err… My very first smartphone that can’t power on – Elephone Trunk. I have lot of smartphones and Elephone phone is the first one that failed within warranty period. Interesting… I was charging it this morning when it has around 85% battery life. And it was still working fine. After had breakfast, it just won’t power on. No screen display whatsoever. Do you have any idea how to fix it without sending it back to oversea manufacturer?

I searched lot of forums on Internet. Some said that try to plug in and power on it without battery. Tried that but failed to boot also. Same result with battery inserted too. Tried to boot into recovery and download mode. All failed. Hmm… Guess that Elephone phones’ quality is not that great. Or just I am bad luck here. Just wondering… Is the motherboard having issue? Or battery? Or the screen itself? Anyone can tell me?


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