Fast shipping from Xiaomi Malaysia

Wow… I got my mom’s Redmi 1S yesterday. The delivery is fast. I was hoping to get it on Saturday but FedEx didn’t show up. Surprise!!! FedEx delivered it on Sunday. I thought Sunday is not a working day for both FedEx and UPS. Guess that I was wrong. Based on Mi Malaysia website, you should get Xiaomi product within 6-8 working days after paid. Guess that I am a little bit lucky. My sister who ordered Redmi Note should receive hers today because the package is on FedEx vehicle for delivery as of 12:22pm.

Fast shipping from Mi Malaysia with FedEx service

I got Mi products in 5 working days. How about you? Time to back to play with Redmi 1S and Mi In-ear Headphones…

Update – Xiaomi shipping process is slower now. Read Slow shipping from Xiaomi Malaysia to find out…


  1. Mr jayceOoi,

    A word of caution , I have very bad experience with Fedex , the recent shipment of Mi earphone purchase during pre -sale on 16/8 just prove how useless Xiaomi and Fedex were .

    Refer to the first tracking result , it shown that item was received and signed by ‘Chang’ an unknown agent act on behalf of Fedex .

    Upon further query with Fedex and repeated phones call, I finally got my items on my own initiative .

    What on earth was going on , item not physical delivered to the intended recipients and yet it could be scanned and signed,it happened not just once and twice to me , earlier agent was ‘Michelle’ , lucky that times , items did came to me , the fact was both of them are unknown agent not my relative or someone that I known of , are they (agent) attempt to steal way customer’s items ?.

    What is Xiaomi reaction after complaining to them with calls and emails , we will check and let you know ,even until today still have no to where my earphone was? What kind of customer service are they giving to customer rather than hungry sales tactics ?


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