Fastest way to max Clash of Clans Heroes without Gems

Clash of Clans’ King and Queen are the most powerful troops ever. And you should get these heroes to maximum level 40 as soon as possible. It will help you in both defend and attack no matter on normal multiplayer mode or clan wars. What is the easiest way to max both of them? Yes, use gems. However, it will cost you a healthy price to get both king and queen to level 40. King can be upgraded to maximum level 5 at Town Hall 7 and level 10 at TH8. Both queen and king can be upgraded to level 30 at Town Hall 9. And max level at TH10. Getting king to level 10 at TH8 is easy. However, not the case for both heroes at TH9.

Yup, I only see 2 players with max level 30 heroes at TH9 during these 2 years while playing CoC. Most of us will upgrade to Town Hall 10 without max heroes. Same apply to me. Both of my heroes are at level 20+ when I reached TH10. That’s not the best way but still manageable because you get another dark elixir drill at TH10. This will speed up the DE extraction. So does as your heroes upgrade.

Okay, what is the fastest way to max Clash of Clans Heroes without Gems?

Sleeping together

First of all, get all 5 builders. Do refer to this guide to know more – How to get all builders with free gems in Clash of Clans easily? Without using gems, you need to upgrade both heroes at the same time in order to speed up the whole process. Therefore, all builders are required. 2 for heroes’ upgrade and 3 for other buildings.

Secondly, you need to farm dark elixir the correct way. As usual, do read this guide too – How to farm dark elixir in Clash of Clans? Use your best troop combination (don’t use dark troops much) to get more DE as fast as possible. And know the Best trophy range to farm loot in CoC. Yup, you can find lot of dark elixir at higher trophy range. And more gold and elixir at lower level.

Lastly, league loot bonus reward will help too. Higher league gives you more DE. And you will find exposed town hall from time to time. This will give you extra bonus with less expense. Of course, it does not come for free. You need lot of golds to search for this kind of base. Pay gold to get dark elixir. Sound like a good deal to me. And I found out that Master I league is the best trophy range to farm DE.

Well, I manage to get both heroes upgraded at the same time. They are both at level 32 now. And will be maxed in 3 months’ time if nothing goes wrong. How about yours?


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