Foscam FI9820W in the house

Yeah… I got myself an Internet protocol camera or IP camera for short. IP camera is totally new to me. Took me several days to study it. Narrow down to 2 megapixel 720P HD pan & tilt H.264 network cameras that I prefer ~ D-Link DCS-5222L and Foscam FI9820W. Not much review for these IP cameras. Foscam FI9820W is known to have issue on low light environment ~ picture / video quality is not as bright as older Foscam IP camera models. But I ended getting Foscam FI9820W too because it is cheaper than D-Link DCS-5222L. Will study more about IP camera and get a better one in the future when needed…

Foscam FI9820W

My Foscam FI9820W will be used as baby monitor. Will find a way to link it to my smartphone like Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or The New iPad 3. Hopefully, it won’t take me long time to study…


  1. I’m not sure if it is a good idea to use such cameras for home security. If someone gets access to your video, they would get to see live what is going on in your home in real-time. If the video is hosted via a website, they may have access to your video.

    • Well I suppose, but if someone has done that to access your video feed…you are going to have bigger and other issues. Most security is built around being a deterrent. Use the video to let others know you are watching and if they set foot on your property looking to break in…keep a gun and shoot them.

      People breaking into my network to access my video feeds is absolutely last on my security concerns list.


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