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Yes… I found a free Full HD player that can play my Panasonic HDC-SD700 1920×1080 50p m2ts files smoothly. The great free VLC Media Player cannot play those MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 1080 50p camcorder video files (playback is slow with hang here and there). It only can play smooth up to 25 fps video clips. However, the search is over. I found Splash Lite ~ the ultimate free HD player!

Splash Lite

I love Splash Lite. Its ultra fast audio and video decoders are designed for multi-core processor and graphics card hardware acceleration (GPU). It requires around 50% CPU processing power to play back 1080 50p video clip on my Intel Core2 Extreme quad-core processor QX9650 with no GPU acceleration. And only 5% CPU processing power when graphics card hardware acceleration (GPU) ATI Avivo kicks in. Wow, this is totally cool. You need to try it yourself. It is a good free Full HD Player that you cannot miss.

Download Splash Lite Free Full HD Player here.


  1. you get similar functions with K-Lite MPC HC. Just check internal H.264 filter. But the latest Ati catalyst driver screws up GPU decoding with SD, and some slight over edged enhancement when playing 24mbps AVCHD.

  2. Че чудо, ♥дивовижний плеєр Splash Lite♥, відтворює MKV 1280×720 @23.976 fps й великим бытрейтом без приторможувань, а навантаження на відеокарту 5-15% !!!

    Тепер він стане моїм домашнім плеєром на будь-яке відео й при всіх форматах!


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