Free iPhone 6 Plus camera replacement in Malaysia

Recall… Recall… Apple is recalling some iPhone 6 Plus which its iSight camera has a component that may fail causing your photos to look blurry. The affected iPhone 6 Plus fall into a limited serial number range and were sold primarily between September 2014 and January 2015. Therefore iPhone 6 Plus owners, be aware of this. You can get a free replacement through iSight Camera Replacement Program for iPhone 6 Plus worldwide (yes, Malaysia is included).

Not sure when is your iPhone 6 Plus sold? No worry, you can check the eligibility to change here. Just use the serial number checker to find out. And Apple Authorized Service Provider in Malaysia will have your iSight camera replaced. Be sure to backup your data to iTunes or iCloud before send it for replacement. You might want to wipe your device clean so that your precious photo or data will not be leaked during replacement at Apple Authorized Service Provider. Do take note on that…


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