Galaxy Note 3 User Manual

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes to papa. 25 September 2013 is the launch date for Galaxy Note 3 at most of the country including Malaysia. No news from Samsung Malaysia for any freebie like Singapore – Limited Edition Accessory Pack (worth $146) which consist of Desktop Dock and Extra Battery Kit. Hopefully, there are some here too. Anyway, there will be only one model for Malaysia this time unlike Galaxy S4 (have both 3G and LTE models). Yup, only LTE model SM-N9005 Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 this round (sorry Exynos 5420 fans, no SM-N9000). And priced at RM 2299 for 32GB LTE model. So prepare your money for it (or you want the same old look iPhone 5S?). Based on the user guide, there will be a new USB 3.0 cable along with the charger. Air View function is working without S Pen. And most of the features from Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 User Manual

Download Galaxy Note 3 User Manual here.


      • Hey Jayce,

        Glad that you manage to grab the deal from ebay. Have a play with it, i find the Note 3 is very powerful, especially 3GB RAM makes alot of difference.

        Alright Jayce, let us know if you come across any cool accessories for it, hmm… 1st of all need to get a case/cover then interested to get the wireless charger ; )

          • Thats good…. Oh ya another thing is, do you think this Note 3’s Gorilla Glass 3 does need screen protector? and if i use screen protector, will the S-Pen work as normal?

            I didn’t use screen protector on my previous Galaxy 1, 2 and 3… that has caused some minor scratches. Whats your suggestion for this Note 3?

            • Yes and no, depending how you use it. S Pen will work with screen protector.

              Personally, I don’t use screen protector. But no harm to use it if you want to protect the precious screen.

              Note – Gorilla Glass (no matter which version) still can be scratched.


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