Get Free 5th Builder at Clash of Clans Town Hall 8

Yes, I have 5th builder at Clash of Clans for free at last. I got it at Town Hall 8. Getting 5 builders before TH9 is a bit wasted because you can’t finish upgrade all the troops in the lab on time. Lab upgrade takes longer time than buildings. However, things change at Town Hall 9. There are lot of buildings, both King and Queen to upgrade. And those high level upgrades take longer time than before. So getting 5th builder will surely speed up the game progress.

5th Builder at Clash of Clans Town Hall 8

Getting into Master League helps me to get 5th builder (cost 2000 gems) for free . The 1000 gems plus gems from all other achievements help.

I am going to upgrade to TH9 soon. So getting 5th builder is a must for me. How about you? Have all 5 builders already?



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