How is your Android HTC HD2 battery life?

HTC HD2 is well known to have a short battery life due to its small battery capacity at 1230 mAh only. I used to charge it everyday when loaded with Windows Mobile 6.5 and SD card Android. However, its battery life improved when NAND Android ROM came out. It was almost on par with Windows Mobile 6.5 back then. And it is better than WinMo now by using the latest Android ROM for HTC HD2.

Android HD2 battery usage

2 days 2 hours

My Android HD2 managed to survive for 2 days on single charge (with 1.5 years old battery). It was on a minimum usage but with Wi-Fi turned on most of the time (except when I sleep). Gmail and Twitter syncing was turned on. But compare to my beloved JDMS Ultimate Android ROM, the new ROM does better in battery life on same normal daily usage. By the way, I am using TyphooN CyanogenMod 7 right now. And it will be likely to be my daily Android ROM after I finish all the testings…

How is your Android HTC HD2 battery life?


  1. I use Typhoon CM7 too (updating it twice a week for now).
    I charge it every night because I am not sure it could “survive” for 2 days (outside low usage).

    What I noticed is that the main consumer is the screen, so I try as possible to lower the brightness and to keep it off as long as I don’t use it.

  2. Hey,
    I’ve used SD builds, the CM7 latest build was working for 2 – 2,5 days with limited usage (no data connection, but gps sometimes and Angry Birds 🙂 )
    But MDJ 4.6 build was the best, with the above usage took 3-4 days !! (also SD build)

  3. I cannot achieve 2 days with my HD2 GRJ22 gingerbread rom..
    after I purchase SETCPU from market, I can achieve more than 24 hours of my battery life, with my 2G only connection all the time

    My question for Jayce, how can u achieve 2 days with your HD2? do you install twitter and facebook for android which I did, and I almost twitting every 5 minute..maybe that’s why my HD2 never last for a day

  4. wow thats amazing….
    mine would only last a day with moderate 3g usage, and screen to lowest brightness.
    im wondering if you did any custom setting to the voltage control script?

  5. Hi,
    Using the new Droid SD Rom (like CM7 v2.3.4) I face GSM signal lost.. Just get out the HD2 from my pocket & see: no signal….. Anybody faced with same issue ???

  6. How on earth you can have the display at 29%?!??! my main battery drains contributor was that daym Display! You seldom switched on your phone? always on standby?

  7. hi Jayce, did you use any current widget to monitor your battery usage? on stanby does it goes down to as low as 3mA??? I have the same kernal (tytung v10), same Rom (typhoon cyanogenmod 3.3.4), same radio version (2.15.50.xx) as yours…but I failed to get single digit of mA on standby mode no matter how I try all of the method to save battery eg turn off auto-sync, background data and gps… maybe you can share your method with more “detail” on how possible is the HD2 could survive for 2 days. very much appreciates. 🙂

    • Yes. I can get 3mA on standby right after I installed new Android ROM. But I do face high battery usage issue after 1 week. I am still troubleshooting it.

          • do update us if you found any rom that is consistent on battery saving … I’ve run out of idea which rom to choose. there’s only 1 rom that is consistent on standby time which is NexusHD2 Gingerbread V2.7 but lack of great feature from typhoon rom . regards.

          • Hi Jayce,
            I’ve HyperDroid CM7 v2.1.0 on my HD2, running for 6 days, and until now the battery usage is quite good !! Using it on GSM network, it consumes with limited usage ~10% a day.. I hope it won’t turn into huge battery drain after a week as you wrote – why would do that?? (my kernel is tytung R10)

            • woow! HyperDroid really that good? gonna try it now.. care to share your phone specification?

              1. how often you use your phone?
              2. does your 3G data switched on all the time?
              3. does your background data, auto-sync, and GPS switched on all the time ?
              4. Did you do Battery Calibration right after you port the rom into your HD2?
              5. any special tricks to achieve a whooping 6 days of battery life on HD2?

              🙂 thanks for the time to look through. hope to get your speedy reply.

  8. Hi,
    1. how often you use your phone?
    I use for ~10-15 min call per day and 15-20 min per 2 days wifi
    2. does your 3G data switched on all the time? and jsut checking xls files sometimes and photos
    3G switched off, using only GSM network
    3. does your background data, auto-sync, and GPS switched on all the time ?
    these are switched off
    4. Did you do Battery Calibration right after you port the rom into your HD2?
    haven’t done calibration
    5. any special tricks to achieve a whooping 6 days of battery life on HD2?
    I use Automatic task killer, no auto update, and wifi-gps-auto sync switched off & no live wallp

    Today it’s running 4th day and still have 34% left

    • could you share the link for the task killer apps that you used?? amazingly possible to survive for 4 days! mine struggle to survive even for 12 hours!

  9. I have only one problem with gps: in winmo it was much faster (5sec). In this droid it takes ~5 min getting signal even using gps status & toolbox app. I’ve tried to update the file as advised on xda, but the system does not allow in HD2.. I made the update with Faster fix, but I got only the above result.. Any advise would be highly appreciated!! It would be great if I could just update he file….

  10. my SD android gingerbread 2.3.4 install with sense 3.0 does not last longer than, let’s say, 4-5 hours until hd2 battery is fully drained – and that’s on standby! using ANY function of the phone, since it involves a turned on screen, drains the battery almost 50% faster, which is why i have to keep it on power cable at all times possible for life support.

    i suspect htc sense 3.0 being a huge power drainer, aside of all the other known suspects (WLAN, twitter, etc.) – heard that even the new htc sensation with genuine android gingerbread install and 1520 mAh accu has massive problems of providing the phone with power for more than 12h.

    as to my view, this is a complete failure of htc/android implementations. does anyone have more background knowledge on how to tame the beast, i.e. turn off all the BS processes being run in the background? i’ve tried several task manager, including supermanager, TaskManager, the one provided in sense preferences – nothing seems to stop this energy hungry monster from gushing out its resources.

    i also noticed that certain applications, including market place, are slowing down the phone doing whatever nonsense they are doing in the background while loading, unloading, updating data, etc. it’s a mess and and i’m about to give up, crawl back into my save little windows mobile 6.5 world and sulk. 🙁

  11. jayce,

    this is very interesting.

    did you enabled the data connection? 2G or 3G?

    and what application did you installed? I use typhoon 3.6.5 and the battery life is only 20 hours :(. But, so far this is the best battery life i ever had on my HD2

  12. hi man
    You know I’ve recently put a android 2.3.4 CM7 nand rom _guess downloaded form your website!_ but the battery wouldn’t last for even half a day depending on being in use or not… what is very interesting about it , is that when i go to sleep phone is in 50% of it charge without anything in run… but when i wake up it says recharge! the battery is new and it was working on winmo for a whole day.
    what you think I should do man?

  13. I use android 2.2 froyo (from the tutorial) and it can only take 1 day… which rom can you recommend me? I use often WI-FI and sometimes I call and sms.. I am often on twitter (with wi-fi and I refresh manually) and that stuff and play sometimes games (like angry birds) I don’t use 3g or something.. I always set my wi-fi off when I sleep or I’m away from home (I use only wi-fi for internet) I want that the battery can take 2/3 days before it is empty.. which rom can you recommend me?

  14. I used to have lot of battery drain with band too. But after tons of different flashes of romh I figured this out
    1 Hd2 doesn’t digest sense roms fully. Avoid it
    2 install lite roms like hyperdroid only 76 MB against 200-350 MB sense ROMS
    3 so here is the catch for point 2 – by installing lite roms you are having good free space internally so don’t make any app2sd stuff … external partition etc leave the SD card with a simple format before band install. Now all ur app are in internal memory so very fast and vola no bad battery drain. Use SD for only photo or music.
    I don’t use any task killer no juice defenderetc still manage real one day use. Night drain is approximately 2%

  15. Sorry for typo its nand not band. Also one app helped me get more battery – brightness level. Its widget can reduce brightness to 0% so is good for battery and in night for eyes

  16. Jay, I run runneymede rom with sense 3.5 on my hd2 on sd card. I use auto killer application to get more available memory at run time.

    However, it does not even last for 6 hours even though I have the bigger battery on it.

    Please advise!

  17. Good Day Jayce!

    It’s me again! ^_^ i just wanna ask, if i buy extended battery like mugen or any other brands, will it have a problems or malfunctions?(HD2 running with ics 4 – cm9).


  18. hi,

    I use android on my hd2 with magldr 1.13, but my phone battery was empty today so i want to charge it but when i plug in my cable, magldr starts up and boots android, but my battery has no power to boot it so it shuts down the phone.. I am now without a working phone.. do you know a fix?

  19. i installed windows phone 7.5 mango on my htc hd2 but battery performance is very low it show me just 14 hours on standby with 100% changing i am very irritated with this

    i use low brightness , back-light off in 30 sec
    still no luck

    last night i installed NativeSD NexusHD2-JellyBean-CM10_V1.1 but that is mess sound is not working n poor performance with same battery performance issue

    jayce i have question is windows 7.8 have good battery performance
    and what about NAND NexusHD2-JellyBean should i try that

  20. Hi,

    good to see how you was able to keep in life your HD2 for 2 days but I do not know which miracle you did becaouse on present days with last Android it’s impossible to keep turn-on the Wi-Fi and have 2 days life battery, so for me something wrong if here. Bye.


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