How to backup / restore Samsung Galaxy Note 2 EFS?

Feel free to ignore this article if you did not root Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Because you can’t backup and restore Samsung Galaxy Note 2 EFS without root access. And you don’t need to worry about EFS at all when not rooted.

What is EFS? It is a place that stores your Android smartphone important data like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth MAC address and IMEI (nv_data.bin). Do take note if you are a frequent ROM / firmware flasher or rooted your Android phone. Install unstable or poorly cooked ROM might cause EFS partition to be corrupted or missing. This will make your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 fail to make voice call due to missing IMEI number. Therefore better to make a backup of your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 EFS partition.

Backup Samsung Galaxy Note 2 EFS

There is not much backup / restore EFS tool for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 yet. No Android application to backup / restore EFS on the phone directly. However, there is a tool for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Basically, you need to enable USB debugging mode first. Then use the tool to backup Samsung Galaxy Note 2 EFS. By the way, better to keep another EFS backup copy on your cloud storage. That’s it. Finally, restore EFS when needed…

Download EFS backup / restore tool for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 here.


  1. hi Jayce Ooi

    thanks for tutorial. i have already lost my imei of galaxy note 2. its corrupted.. and i never had any such backup of efs directory…

    my question is, by using the tool above can i RESTORE only (if i never created a backup with the tool) ?

  2. im in the same boat as you guys. my phone reset a bunch of times and now my meid and imei and all that is gone. what know? didn’t know to make a backup of efs. so i don’t have one, but i have all the meid codes on my box and on the phone.

  3. Right Bad news and good news. No you cant recover your IMEI if its been lost im afraid its gone for good, however the note 2 does have a failsafe that it crashes if something tries to erase EFS (Variant Dependant) Go to XDA download stock from from your phone, boot into recovery. *FORMAT EVERYTHING* yes you loose everything, boot into download mode and flash stock image with odin. If that doesnt fix it your going to have to find a copy of samsung toold and re write your IMEI, **THIS IS ILLEGAL** and you do this at your own risk. Your IMEI is under the battery on back of phone or on the box it came in. Hope this helps.


  4. tnQ tnQ bro…when note 2(n7100) 4.3 firmware update ….then all time i’ll do this process…it was safe ????????? and imei and baseband show perfect…


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