How to disable Samsung Galaxy Note 2 camera shutter sound?

How to disable Samsung Galaxy Note II camera shutter sound? I wish to turn off all Samsung Galaxy Note 2 camera sound including focus and shutter sounds. Be the paparazzi in town, use a silent Samsung Galaxy Note 2 camera. I thought Galaxy Note 2 camera is like Galaxy S3. But I was wrong… I can’t use the same Galaxy S3 method to mute my Galaxy Note 2 camera…

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Camera

How to disable Samsung Galaxy Note 2 camera shutter sound?
The easiest way ~ Turn sound mode into vibrate or mute mode. This will disable Samsung Galaxy Note 2 camera focus, shutter, burst mode sounds. However, this method does not work on every region Galaxy Note 2. Malaysia firmware has no effect and still has all the camera sounds. Workable on certain region only.

Another way ~ go to Google Play Store. Find a camera application that support silent operation. Not the best option but at least get your job done.

The hard way which require root access. Go to /system/media/audio/ui/ with ES File Explorer. Rename all these files to .bak extension. Example, shutter.ogg to shutter.ogg.bak. But you still have burst mode sound.

  • auto_focus_error.ogg
  • auto_focus.ogg
  • cam_start.ogg
  • cam_stop.ogg
  • camera_click_short.ogg
  • camera_click.ogg
  • camera_empty.ogg
  • camera_focus.ogg
  • camera_timer.ogg
  • shutter_multiple.ogg
  • shutter.ogg
  • videorecord.ogg

Not rooted your Galaxy Note 2? Please refer to this guide to do so ~ How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with CF-Auto-Root? (Video).

That’s it. Enjoy taking photo in paparazzi mode…


  1. Worked perfectly for single-shot mode.

    Any idea on how to get it to work for Burst Mode? I’ve silenced almost everything I can find in the directory that sounds like a camera snap, but no luck.

    Thanks for the info.

  2. Thanks for this.

    Some issues with the article though. The file names you give are incorrect.


    Also, for people who can’t make changes to these files, the /system mount is mounted read-only.
    As root you can remount as read-write

    $ mount -o remount,rw /system

    Then when done, remount as read-only

    $ mount -o remount,ro /system

    I have moved and symlinked all these files out to a location that is normally rw so I can make changes with less hassle.

  3. Worked perfectly. I bought Root Explorer because I could not figure out how to switched from Read Only. Also, ES did not give me a message about the files being read only. Thanks for the help. That shutter sound is very annoying!


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