How to enable 10 multi-touch points on HTC One X?

HTC One X has 10 multi-touch points on its lovely 720p HD Super LCD2 IPS display screen. Yes, the flagship HTC One X does have 10 multi-touch points. But HTC disables it by default in order to allow 3-finger output gestures which enable HTC Media Link HD output to TV. Most of HTC One X users don’t have HTC Media Link HD. So no point to disable 10 multi-touch points. Playing Fruit Ninja type of games is not fun at all when limited to 2 multi-touch points only.

10 multi-touch points on HTC One X

How to enable 10 multi-touch points on HTC One X?

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Then select Display & gestures.
  3. Uncheck HTC gestures ~ Enable 3-finger output gestures and ignore gestures with more fingers.
  4. That’s all.

HTC should disable this 3-finger output gestures by default because HTC Media Link HD does not come along free with HTC One X. Anyway, enjoy 10 multi-touch points on your HTC One X after changed the settings manually. It’s time to slash fruits now…


  1. Good bit of advice. What are the full advantages of this? Just wondering why it was not enabled from the off that’s all… Thanks.

  2. nice work you have done here, esp in regards with htc one x..mybe u can help me with dial pad was not functioning well esp 1 2 3 buttons.been reset my phone but still d same..mybe u have come up with a forum to solve this issue.cheers..

  3. Thank you for publishing this!, was trying to play magic piano and couldn’t the fingers wouldn’t work ugh lol


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