How to enable Adobe Flash Player on Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

How to enable Adobe Flash Player on Samsung Galaxy Note II? You are not totally out of luck after Adobe Flash Player 11 is no longer supported from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich onward. Officially, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean does not support Adobe Flash Player as well. But there is always a way to make Adobe Flash Player working on Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Just like below example, I manage to get Happy Baby 開心寶貝 on Facebook which powered by Flash running…

Adobe Flash Player on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

How to enable Adobe Flash Player on Samsung Galaxy Note 2?
Basically, you need Adobe Flash Player 11 and browser that support Flash like Firefox Aurora for Android. Note – not all Android browser support Flash now. Eg, Google Chrome does not support Flash at all.

Download Adobe Flash Player 11 for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 here.


  1. Hey there…nice info…i tried, but doesn’t work…try to download firefox aurora but couldn’t find it on play store…is there any browser that i can use a little help please 🙂 thanks

  2. HI,

    I am using Samsung Note 2. i have downloaded FireFox Aurora and also installed Flashplayer downloaded from the above mentioned link.

    I am trying to access WWW. SAACH.TV (website) but picture is not visible. Picture has vertical lines but voice is clear to listen.

    Waiting for any feedback.


  3. I’m happy to find your post. Very excited that u said u can play facebook game on it. I’m trying to play facebook game, War Commander. Somehow, it loads into the game. But then before entering the game, it would say lost connection. Are you able to help rectify on this or is it the game disallow gaming on phone? Can you help pls?

  4. Hi I want to download flash player on my samsung note 2. As u said we need to download firefox as well. But when I checked on play store it showed that we can play direct videos on flash player. I usually watch movies on my cell. But some sites of the movies are not being played on my cell due to player I think. Can u please help me out with this issue. Thanks

  5. I watch indian movies when we click to play any movie on some site it doesn’t accept the page will be blank, Eg.
    This is one indian site where in no movies play.And once i tried to download the song it popup the message “Download flash player”. so please guide me how far flash player is heplful to play movies and to download any stuff. Thanks

  6. And there is one more site known as It is hollywood movie site. if i open the site in Galaxy note 2 no movie is played.

  7. Hi
    thanks for prompt reply . Now i need to know if we download download Flash player in galaxy note 2 can the movies will play or not. I need to know please. thanks


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