How to enable Developer options on Redmi 2?

Where are the Developer options on Xiaomi Redmi 2? Well, it is hidden by default just like other Android devices. You can install developer ROM on Redmi 2 to enable it. But that’s not user friendly at all. Luckily, Google makes a simple way to do so. And Redmi 2 with MIUI 6 ROM is able to enjoy that too.

Developer options on Redmi 2

How to enable Developer options on Redmi 2?

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Then select About phone.
  3. Tap on MIUI version for 7 times.
  4. Developer options will be enabled then.
  5. That’s it.

Look like Xiaomi changed the hidden shortcut from Android version to MIUI version on newer ROM. The old method that I know is no longer working. Anyway, just try either one and Developer options will be there for you. By the way, Developer options are located at Additional settings.


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