How to enable Onda V820w hidden HDMI features?

I love Onda V820w HDMI output as I can use it as set-top box or game console. You can setup HDMI output on Windows 10 just like other normal monitor. And plug and play on Android. There is an advanced HDMI features on Android actually but hidden away. You get to select HDMI resolutions, scaling and overscan compensation once enabled. Note – root access is required though. By the way, is your Onda V820w HDMI working? If no, do refer to this guide to fix it – How to fix Onda Tablet HDMI port not working? No need to send back for warranty claim.


How to enable Onda V820w hidden HDMI features?

  1. Firstly, you will need root access.
  2. Follow this guide – How to root Onda V820w?
  3. Download ES File Explorer from Play Store.
  4. Launch it and enable Root Explorer
  5. Then grant root access to it.
  6. Go to system folder (root level).
  7. Find build.prop and edit it.
  8. Change ro.inet.hashdmi=0 to 1.
  9. Save and reboot your tablet.
  10. That’s it.
Adjust HDMI Display Mode

Yup, you get to know current HDMI Status. And 3 more features like Modes – Adjust HDMI Display Mode, Scale Modes – Adjust HDMI Display Scale Mode – Aspect, Center and Full Screen and Overscan Compensation – Adjust HDMI Display Screen – Horizontal and Vertical. Just play around to get the best HDMI output that suit your taste…


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