How to enable USB mass storage mode on Nexus 7?

How to enable USB mass storage mode on Google Nexus 7? Well, don’t think about it (at least for now). Nexus 7 does not support USB mass storage mode just like Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Only Media device (MTP) and Camera (PTP) protocols are supported on Nexus 7. Google does not want you to use USB cable much on Nexus 7. Use wireless connection to transfer files between Nexus 7 and PC instead. Easier…

Google Nexus 7 with AirDroid

Yup, AirDroid is a fast, free Android application that lets you wirelessly manage your Nexus 7 from your favorite browser. You can use it to copy files between Nexus 7 and PC too. Don’t think of Nexus 7 USB mass storage mode anymore…

Or you can use StickMount application to copy files from USB flash drive / microSD card using card reader directly to Nexus 7. Please refer to this guide for more information – How to enable USB stick / flash drive on Nexus 7?


  1. Hi there! Thanks for pointing out the Air Droid APP, it is useful workaround for a missing feature. But why is not Google (or Asus) itself providing some such application by default? And also one more thing: Did you noticed you have not answered the initial question?

    Can you even imagine that there might be other reasons to use mass storage other than accessing PC? And even for simple copying, it is much safer to use cable while copying data on public place, than opening the wireless access. Or can you say that the android application is completely safe? Or that the wifi encrypting protocol in use has not yet been breached? I sincerely doubt that, and therefore I think that your “answer” (if you really intend to call it that way) is completely useless…

    Also for the suggested StickMount app – did you noticed that it needs ROOT acces to the device? Do you really say that we should hack our legally bought device just to be able to use it in the way we want and (in some cases) need to? Did you noticed, that loosing the warranty is the least problem that can happen?

    Well, I think it would be best for everyone – and especially for you – if you would stop writing crap like this…

  2. USB sticks are a very useful way of transferring files. I am really fed up with Asus/Google for not supporting this most basic function. I am a musician and often need to transfer midi files from PC to keyboard via USB. As I have now become and android tablet fan I find it rather bizarre that I am being encouraged to use my PC to get files to and from my tablet. The tablet becomes redundant, I may a well just use my PC.

    If google want us to become cloud based in our computing world they need to facilitate file transfer to and from the device by USB. I find myself in the situation that I can use my tablet to creat awesome midi files, only to then find myself emailing them to myself on a PC to be able to transfer the file onto a USB stick for my instrument.

    Please sort it. I don’t want to root my device and invalidate the warranty just to do such a basic function.

  3. Question: How to enable USB mass storage mode on Nexus 7?
    Answer: Don’t think of Nexus 7 USB mass storage mode anymore…

    What as SHIT ARTICLE, shame on you. What if I don’t have wifi?Fxxk you, search engines should ban shit sites likes this


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