How to enable USB mass storage on Samsung Galaxy S II?

If you have Samsung Kies installed, whenever you plug in USB cable between Samsung Galaxy S II and PC, Samsung Galaxy S2 will be detected as GT-I9100 in Computer. And Samsung Kies will be loaded. You can disable Samsung Kies from loaded automatically by turn off Auto-run ~ Run Samsung Kies automatically when device is connected at Samsung Kies Tools – Preferences. You can read / write your Samsung Galaxy S2 files in this MTP Application mode. However, certain operation like unzip file to SGS2 directly is not possible in this mode.

USB mass storage

How to enable USB mass storage on Samsung Galaxy S II?

  1. Bring up Settings.
  2. Go to Applications.
  3. Then select Development ~ Set options for application development.
  4. Tick USB debugging ~ Debug mode when USB is connected.
  5. Click Yes when prompted.
  6. Plug in USB cable from SGS2 to PC.
  7. Pull down notification bar.
  8. Select USB Connected ~ Select to copy files to/from your computer.
  9. Click on Connect USB storage.
  10. That’s all.

Your SGS2 internal storage and SD card should be detected as Removable Disk in Computer. Unzip operation is working fine in this mode. But Samsung Kies does not. Therefore, remember to turn off USB debugging mode if want to sync with Samsung Kies.


  1. thank you so much!
    I was having problems with copying files to galaxy s2 until doing this. Now is working very well!

  2. Dear Jayce,

    I would like to ask that the method i’ve tried from below is still not working..any more advices ??

    – Enable usb debugging from Menu > Settings > Applications
    – return to home screen
    – plug usb cable in
    – pull down status bar
    – press ‘ connect usb storage’ button

    Alternatively, without USB debugging enabled

    Go to Settings >
    Wireless & Network >
    USB utilities and click the button >
    then (and ONLY then) plug in USB cable

  3. thanks for yr reply. but here i face another problem, i ‘ve follow yr instruction serially, upto it is done but after no 4, when i connect USB then it show nothing, and wants software, so plz guide me again.


  4. hi sir g. evng

    According to your instruction, when i follow serially,


    when i tick this option then (ATTENTION:: U S B is connected. Remove the cable) I can’t go ahead. please guide me as I have purchase this cellphone with genuine interest.



  5. Hi Jayce

    Tried this method and it is very much convenince instead of using kies.
    Really appreciated your knowledge sharing with us!

    Thanks & have a good day.

  6. I am having a problem with this. When ever I go into applications, it only shows me what apps I have downloaded. There is no options to change my USB.


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