How to fix couldn’t install on USB storage or SD card issue?

Help, I got ‘Couldn’t install on USB storage or SD card’ when trying to install applications or games in Google Play Store. Well, I got this issue after I root Android 4.0 ICS Samsung Galaxy S II with CF-Root. Seem like CF-Root Kernel has SD card mounting issue on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Samsung Galaxy S2. So how to fix Couldn’t install on USB storage or SD card issue?

Couldn’t install on USB storage or SD card

It is not hard and this solution comes with a bonus ~ remove yellow triangle on Samsung Galaxy S2. Yes, by following the procedure to remove yellow triangle on Samsung Galaxy S2 without USB Jig, it will help to solve couldn’t install on USB storage or SD card issue too. Isn’t that great?

Refer to guide ~ How to remove yellow triangle on Samsung Galaxy S2 without USB Jig? (Video)


  1. Jayce, another easier alternative I found for this error, is to unmount SD card temporarily (Menu->Settings->Storage->Unmount SD Card) and install/update the app. Then mount back SD card aft installation. Try it. Enjoy!

  2. Hi guys,

    About removing the yellow triangle on ICS builds, XDA Dev Chainfire released an app for this called Triangle Away. I used it on my S2, and it works.

    Free download is available at his thread:

    But if possible, do contribute to the Dev. An exact same program is available at Google Play as well (donate):

    Just give the guy what he deserves:)


    • Thanks man I really appreciate your thread at long last I followed your thread downloaded triangle away and my annoying triangle just disappeared in a second thanks soooooo much.
      Have a nice day.

  3. HELP! my phone is now in cwm recovery.when i try to install a rom on a custom says e;/ cant open /sdcard……(bad).Installation aborted. Tried plugging in usb to ODIN but could not detect my phone due to installation with MIUI beforehand. with a bricked phone and usb problems.i do not have any other ways :((( HELPP

      • yes..wanted to flash to stock but there is no point as couldnt detect the usb settings.


        I manage to flash the custom rom however but now it still could not be detected through USB

          • i can charge my phone but it seems that it is unable to detect usb from both my laptop and pc. anyway my clock work mod recovery seems to be hay wired.after installing the ics remix resurrection, i open up cwm and was told that this version of cwm manager should be used with cf-root v5.0 or newer. ;/

            • It is either USB driver or USB hardware issue. But you still can use it to charge phone. Try to use Android ROM which USB function is working properly before. This is double confirm that it is hardware or software issue.

              CWM Manager only work properly on CF-Root Kernel. ics remix resurrection might has other kernel.

  4. How do i install a custom rom and kernel.i found out im using a stock kernel. Since i dont have a cwm which js there any other way?

  5. Ok i manage to open up cwm finally thanks.the only problem lies witj the usb..i think probably due to flashing miuirom which doesnt support usb mount.till now after flashing new is still unable to :/

  6. Hey, I went through the complete guide but have few questions before I move ahead.

    1. When i first rooted my SG2 I did get CMW manager + superuser in my app list. But I shifted between roms, and somehow (it was long time back didn’t care about it) CMW app disappeared from the app list. I can get into recovery and have recently shifted to 2.3.16 without any hassle. Just wanted to know if it is normal or how i can get CMW back?

    2. My current kernel is 3.0.15-I9100XXLPH-CL118559 so I searched your list, didn’t find it, but it is at xda with comments: *** = problems mounting secure storage

    3. Even if I go ahead with it, which stock kernel I’ve to use now? because there is no stock kernel for XXLPH. (baseband version shows XXKI4, does that matter?)

  7. Actually removing the didn’t help at all.I’m on ics on the s2 and i used the triangle away apk and successfully removed the triangle but the error still exists for many games

  8. im getting the same error on my kindle fire on ICS (on the same app as well!). might anyone know a solution for that? thanks!

    • i was able to download the whole app and it reaches the point that play store says “installing”. then i got that error message

        • after more hours of searching, its probably an issue with apps that default install to external sd rather than external.. thanks tho! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Im using older version 2.2.1 and having this annoying problem :s
            Is there a way I can fix this using an app or any simple way as I don’t find updating the rom or such things easy for me.

  9. when i install any app it just says that ‘couldnt install on sd card’
    i am using galaxy pop gts5570
    pls find a solution 4 it

  10. Hello.
    I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Wonder. I’m having this problem which has got to do with the SD and the USB storage. I’ve tried moving my applications to my external SD card but when i checked on the memories` status, it appears that the USB storage spaces are used up as well? since it`s limited to 1gb only while my sd card has 8gb space, how do i clear my USB storage? Please help. Thanks.

  11. I am using galaxy pop GT-S5570.when I install the app it says couldn’t install on usb storage or sd card.can any one help me plz

  12. I m having a problem dat….if i download any app or games 4m play store it saved into internal storage,,,but i want it to be stored in sd card…My model no. is Samsung Galaxy pop GTS5570..
    if someone can help wid dis isuue pls……

  13. i cant download any app frm the market the msg cums as cannot instal on usb storage or sd card while there is ample of sopace pls help me out

  14. Hey Jayce,
    your guide worked like a charm with the triangle & the SD card issue! but, as i found out –
    the only latest CF-ROOT version for my kernel (LPJ) is v5.3 which is known for causing
    this issue with the SD card, and indeed this problem re-appeared after a week.

    how critical it is for me to wait for the official release of 5.4 for LPJ instead of
    using the latest version of some other kernel?

    many users report that this kind of arrangement
    works just fine and the CF-ROOT kernel version doesn’t really have to match…

  15. FIX – Sprint Samsung Galaxy SII / SPH-D710 – Broken USB External SD Card ability after Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS 4.0.4) Update.

    There are a bunch of people out there trying to tell you to use phone hacks, odd settings, 3rd party applications… DON’T DO IT!!!!! Yes they changed the USB interface, but that is not what is breaking your ability to see “everything” on the SD card.

    Sprint or Samsung needs to fix this, but for some reason after you accept the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS 4.0.4) Update the Samsung SPH-D710 USB Drivers are no longer auto detected when you connect your phone to your PC. You have to manually download them directly from the Samsung support page.

    Here is what I did to connect to my phone as a “USB Drive”… this means I see both the phone & card options again.
    **Note this is the driver for the D-710 S2 model, but the Samsung site does have the drivers for the other S2 models as well.

    1. Go to the Samsung support site (
    2. Click “Manuals & Downloads”
    3. Choose “Software”
    4. Download & Install the “Device(Install),USB Driver (Software) (ver.1_3_2360_0)” onto your PC.
    – Title Sprint SPH-D710 (Epic 4G Touch) USB Driver
    – Applicable Model Sprint SPH-D710 (Epic 4G Touch) USB Driver
    – Carrier or Corporate Customer Sprint
    – Description Sprint SPH-D710 (Epic 4G Touch) USB Driver
    5. Follow USB Driver installation prompts.
    6. ReBoot your PC to make the driver active.
    7. Now connect your phone to the PC and wait for the “Connected as a media device (Touch for other USB options)” to pop-up on your top status bar.
    – Make sure “Media device (MTP)” has a “green check mark” by it.
    8. Wait for your PC to recognize the device it can take several minutes (be patient and DO NOT disconnect your phone or change options)
    – Note: One of the PC’s I used made me reboot a second time after the phone was connected to activate the USB drivers. But it should prompt you if this is needed.
    9. When complete – You should see a phone icon in your My Computer screen labeled SPH-D710

    I really hope that they fix this with the next update. Until then, I suggest putting the drivers on a plain ol thumb drive and keep it handy for those times when you might need to connect to another PC.

    ***SIDE NOTE: If you are having problems with your ICS update… Call Sprint and take it to the repair center that they recommend. Both my husband and I had to do this because the old Gingerbread and the new Ice Cream Sandwich were fighting each other for control on some things. They are able to completely wipe Gingerbread off of the phone and install Ice Cream Sandwich from scratch… This fixed our battery and connectivity issues.

  16. Hii jayce
    I have 1 little problem I m root my phone with chain fire but I can’t mount my sd card on clockwork mod. And I can’t move any app to sd card it says couldn’t move
    Any solution

  17. am using an android 2.2.1 version samsung galaxy model GT-S5570 phone.
    Whenever I try to install any app from google play,I always recieve an error saying “Couldn’t install on USB storage or SD card”.This happens after the app gets downloaded and starts installing.But on the other hand my SD card and phone both have sufficient amount of memory left.
    Can you please help me out in fixing the problem?


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