How to fix Onda Tablet HDMI port not working?

Help! My Onda Tablet micro HDMI output port is not working. Yes, my Onda V820w is having this issue. Not sure other Onda Tablet like V919, V989, V891, V116w, oBook 10 and 11 are facing this kind of problem or not. Anyway, here is a solution for this problem. And it is working perfect on my Onda V820w Dual OS Tablet. And it should work for yours too. Basically, Onda tablets have deeper micro (not sure about mini version) HDMI port which requires same length as male micro USB head. Therefore, generic micro HDMI cable will not work as the male HDMI head is not long enough to get proper connection. Luckily, the fix is very simple. Get yourself a new HDMI cable that match your Onda tablet. Or modify yourself by following below guide…


Well, this is the modification that you need to do. Trim a little bit of the plastic cover of the male HDMI port. Just around 1 to 1.5mm will do. And make sure that it is the same length as male micro USB head then. That’s it. You should be able to connect Onda tablet to TV, monitor and projector via HDMI port now. Enjoy…


  1. Thanks Jayce for your excellent sharing on this tablet, I have this tablet too and learnt quite a bit from you. I did the same cutting on my micro hdmi converter and its still wouldn’t work on either Windows nor Android. After cutting it, I notice my micro hdmi plug still wouldn’t goes all the way into the female socket of the tablet. The depth of how much it went in remains the same, before or after the cut. Does yours went in deeper after the cut? Thanks!


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