How to fix slow loading Galaxy S4 camera & reboot issue?

Err… My Samsung Galaxy S4 is not problem free. I heard several users complaint about slow loading of their Galaxy S4 camera. And faced hang, crash and auto reboot issue. I tried to duplicate this issue but failed until this early morning. Yes, my Galaxy S4 rebooted by itself after I switched from rear camera to front camera. Again, I tried to duplicate this issue again but failed.

How to fix slow loading Samsung Galaxy S4 camera and reboot issue?
Nothing much we can do actually. Factory reset won’t help here because I just did that few days ago and still face this kind of issue. So is this hardware issue? Nope. Most likely caused by immature camera firmware because it is not happening all the time. So what can we do? Wait for a new OTA update to fix this camera issue. That’s all. Or you can send back for warranty claim if you want. But I don’t think it will help much unless it is really a hardware issue.

Do you face this camera issue too?