How to force reboot Nexus 4?

Oh no, my Google Nexus 4 hangs. How to force reboot Nexus 4? Without a removable battery, you can’t simply reboot Nexus 4 by removing battery then put it back on. Pressing power button and volume buttons won’t help to solve freeze issue too. No worry, there is a solution for this problem…

Force restart Nexus 4

How to force reboot LG Nexus 4?
Press and hold the Power button for at least 10 seconds. And then release it after Nexus 4 reboot. That’s it. As simple as ABC, right?


  1. Hi, I held the power button for 10 seconds and now it won’t turn on. When I push the power button it shows me a picture of the battery being filled up. I did not check the battery status before I started. Is this what is supposed to happen and am I just going through a normal battery charge?

  2. first press power button enter pass etc to open it. press power button for bout 3 sec brought the power off option on screen for me. press power off option.
    you phone will turn off. hold power button for like 5 sec and u will feel a vibration then let the power button go.
    you will see the google logo in bout 5 sec after that.
    i have a brand new phone no apps installed except face book so yours might take a bit longer.


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