How to freeze / disable / remove system apps in Android?

There is lot of bloatware in stock ROM / firmware usually which most of us don’t use them. And these system applications / services eat your phone CPU, memory, data and battery. You can’t remove them with Android Manage application function because they are system apps. I use Titanium Backup PRO to freeze or uninstall those unneeded system apps on my rooted phone. However, you need to pay to use Titanium Backup PRO. Here is a free solution with App Quarantine (ROOT) for you. And it is ad free too.

App Quarantine (ROOT)

Personally, I don’t prefer to remove unwanted system apps totally (unless you really don’t need them). Prefer just freeze / block / disable them only. App Quarantine is the perfect application to help us. Just select the system applications (like Social Hub, Games Hub, Music Hub, Reader Hub in Samsung Galaxy S II) that you don’t want, and lock them away with App Quarantine. And you can unlock quarantined apps back when you need to use them.

Come on, give App Quarantine a try. See how much memory and battery life can be saved by removing those unneeded system apps. Note – root access is required.

Download App Quarantine (ROOT) at Google Play Store here.


  1. hi,jayce…sorry..little bit out topic…just wanna ask do you have try 16gb on your rooted htc hd2?
    is there any trick to make the phone load the rooted android very clean and smoothly like wind..any idea, suggestion…rigth now im using sd card via haret (not nand or else..coz i feel more comfortable using this method) and using miui latest version 1.11.11…thnx in advance..

  2. Hi J,

    I’ve check all the background running apps in my hd2(miui), most of them are the application that I frequently use and its there for better speed of process incase I need to start them at anytime. Does that mean this app really doesn’t suit my hd2 for some reason??

    Say if I quarantine the app called Map, and one day I need to use it for navigation. Do I straight open the app and get it works or instead I need to release it from quarantine’s lock to enable this app working again?

    • This app is good for stock ROM. Custom ROM has most of the bloatware removed normally.

      You can’t even find Maps if you quarantined it. Need to unlock it before use it again.


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