How to freeze / disable / remove system apps in Android?

There is lot of bloatware in stock ROM / firmware usually which most of us don’t use them. And these system applications / services eat your phone CPU, memory, data and battery. You can’t remove them with Android Manage application function because they are system apps. I use Titanium Backup PRO to freeze or uninstall those unneeded system apps on my rooted phone. However, you need to pay to use Titanium Backup PRO. Here is a free solution with App Quarantine (ROOT) for you. And it is ad free too.

App Quarantine (ROOT)

Personally, I don’t prefer to remove unwanted system apps totally (unless you really don’t need them). Prefer just freeze / block / disable them only. App Quarantine is the perfect application to help us. Just select the system applications (like Social Hub, Games Hub, Music Hub, Reader Hub in Samsung Galaxy S II) that you don’t want, and lock them away with App Quarantine. And you can unlock quarantined apps back when you need to use them.

Come on, give App Quarantine a try. See how much memory and battery life can be saved by removing those unneeded system apps. Note – root access is required.

Download App Quarantine (ROOT) at Google Play Store here.