How to get Barbarian King at Town Hall 7?

How to get Barbarian King at Town Hall 7? In short, get it with 10,000 dark elixirs. No need to use gems or real money. Just raise your trophies and raid for dark elixir. And do upgrade dark elixir storage to level 2 to make it harder for others to steal. I managed to get Barbarian King in 3 days. You can get it with less time.

Barbarian King at TH7, Clash of Clans

Yes, it is possible to get BK at TH7. Just use your method to steal dark elixir. Lighting spell, goblin, dragon… Any kind of troops and ways are good. Bases at higher trophy level like 1500 or above have lot of dark elixir for you and me. I am fighting for level 5 Barbarian King now…


  1. Wow Jayce you’re really into this game.. Btw im at TH6 but just playing like a farmer for now…I’ve got most of my resource and defence max at this lvl but just need to ask you suggestion is there any good or best defensive layout that actually works to defend my loot and Town Hall? At the moment I’m putting my town hall in the middle and surround it with walls and putting my loot storage around it with defence tower and make it like a square with no pattern walls just everything inside those walls..seems that it’s not quite effective…any ideas?


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