How to hard reset HTC HD2?

Hmm… This is what most of the user don’t like to do ~ hard reset your own phone. But I am going to hard reset my HTC HD2 in the near future. Why? Most of the applications like calculator, Google Maps, Garmin Mobile XT do not able to rotate to landscape mode anymore. Luckily, Opera Mobile 10 which heavily use still working. And HTC album and music player are working fine too. Not sure why my phone behave like this. Maybe I installed some ‘dangerous’ applications… Who know? Anyway, there is the guide to hard reset HTC HD2 that I took from HTC website.

Performing a factory reset via settings

  1. On the Home screen’s Settings tab, tap Menu > All Settings > System > Clear Storage.
  2. Enter 1234.
  3. Tap YES to perform the reset, or tap NO to cancel the reset.

Performing a factory reset using phone buttons

  1. With your phone powered off, press and hold the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons.
  2. While holding the volume buttons, press the END/POWER button briefly and then release it.
  3. When you see a warning message on screen, release the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons.
  4. Press the VOLUME UP button to perform the reset, or press any other button to cancel the reset.

By the way, do remember to backup your data first before hard reset (if you still can). You can sync with Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft My Phone to backup personal data like contacts, calendar, SMS, tasks. For programs, you need to use other backup application. Usually, I prefer a clean installation after format. So backup data to Microsoft My Phone is enough for me.


  1. I really hate to hard-reset electronic devices. Last time, when I hard-reset company old HP PDA device, the PDA device gone forever and faulty without reason. Haizz…so be careful when hard-reset any electronic devices…

  2. Hey Jayce, thanks for the support you give everyone here. Im sure like me they all appreciate it.
    Anyway quick question in regards to a hardreset. If i was running droid on my hd2 (as per all your great instructions), will i be able to just run droid again from sd card or do i have to go through the whole process again?

  3. Nice info,but the backup think should be at the top,when i have read that part,was already too late.Thanks anyway, i didn t loose too much data!

  4. please i want to make sure that i have the right pereq before i continue…. i have a US version tmobile hd2 and my SPL is 2.10.0000 8g xe radio is… my Rom is 2.13.531.1…. please do i need to install or upgrade my rom? do i need to install hspl3? what do i do with bootloader? how is the battery life of nand? pls help me.

  5. I’ve coded my phone, using htc hd2 software for adding lock pin code to block the phone. Now the password is not working any more and I cannot use my phone. What shall I do?
    Thank you

  6. Hey Jayce, If I hard reset my phone, would I finally be able to switch my phone to the droid builds? I was successful one time and then couldn’t do it when I tried again. I just keep getting “error certificate is not trusted” messages when I hit cld & haret. How can I fix this? Thank you

  7. i have a tmobile htc hd2 leo that a friend gave to me and they had put the ultimate droid on it and i am trying to figure out how to take it off and put back the windows on it, can you help me please. i need step by step instructions that are easy please and thank you

  8. my htc hd2 has locked me out of the phone for some reason it just wont recognise my number code. I have tried the volume up/ volume down trick many times but it just wont work. Other people have also tried for me an still no luck which i cant understand because my buttons were fine when the phone was working. Is there anything else i could try any suggestions apart from the option of putting a hammer through it (which i am close to doing) would be great!

    • 1. Power off your phone.
      2. Press volume down button (don’t let go) and power on your phone.
      3. It will load into ‘Red, Green, Blue and White’ screen bootloader.
      4. Then install Windows Mobile again.

      • I’m selling my hd2 and its running android. I’m trying to delete everything on the phone. tried the hard reset w/ buttons but it does nothing. My gmail account is still on there and I for some reason I cannot delete it at all. How can I delete my email address from the phone.

        Here’s what it says when i try to delete it “Remove Account – This account is required by some applications. You can only remove it by resetting the phone to factory defaults (which deletes all your personal data). You do that in the Settings Application, under Privacy.

        Factory data reset does not reset anything.

  9. I’m from Indonesia…
    I want to have documents tab in my htc hd2, like from T-mobile USA.
    where I can get it, specialy in cab file…

    please, help me

  10. hey!!
    I hv got a htc hd 2. the prob is dat multi tasking on ma cel phone is messed up!
    i m nt able to run two or three programs at the same time!
    like if i m using opera and using sumthing and i want to run msn messenger or skype it runs,bt when i switch back to opera it restarts dat menas i lost all the web page and hv to restart it again,and now when i get back to see my msn if its signed in,it too restarts!
    it wasnt the case when i was using the old ROM version! bt since I hv updated it I m experiencing dis!
    wht should I do?? plz help me out!!
    Anotha thing when i was using the old ROM version i checked on hardware info and there was 448 RAM.And now afta udating my ROM its now 576??
    updating ROM wont change the hardware!or is it?
    plz tel me abt dis aswell!
    would hard reset be useful to make it work??

      • yes the one dat is available on the htc site!!
        LEO *** sumthing i dnt remember exactly!
        could u plz help out?
        do u suggest to hard reset it?
        or any otha thing dat would make multi tasking work soon again??
        and yeah i forgot ta tel ya one more thing dat while multi tasking i opened a camera once and there i saw a error of low memory close some programs and try again!
        and when i opened task bar all the programs dat were previously running closed down automatically!
        plz guy help me out!

          • hehehehehe!!! thanx!!
            well I m frm Pakistan,We dnt hv a HTC or Apple store here neither any support center!
            so for us tech geniuses like u r our support center! 😉
            very thanx for ur support!

  11. hi, i just bought a hd2 rooted with android off ebay. the previous owners gmail is set up on the phone. they changed their password and so the phone can not access google or the market for apps, its making me enter a password, but does not let me change the email itself and of course i dont know the previous owners password to get in. i tried to remove that email and it wont let me, says i have to do a factory reset.
    my question is, when i do a reset will it remove the android system?
    i am not a techie gal, so i have no idea what to do. please someone help me : )

      • I’m having the same problem but when I do the factory reset the way the phone tells me to it still doesnt delete the previous owners gmail info. I hope the volume up/down trick works.

  12. Thank you for the great advice , my HD2 had not been working for 5 months , and then i saw your post and it worked ! thx .

  13. Im running android nand 2.2 on my hd2. For some reasons it is unable to rotate in landscape like u said above. Also im hving problem w my camcorder, when i starting to record and click stop, it started to get stuck and the video will experience error. Hence cannot be viewed. So im asking should i reset my hd2?

  14. My HTC HD 2 is freezing at the power up screen ( the first one that appears when you first power it) and I just get agitated, should I do this???

  15. hey …. i install android on my htc hd2 but now i forgot my pattern lock>>>> i tried power on + vol down button but all in vain>>> plz tell software that rest my htc hd2 …………. i shall be vey thank full to u

  16. Hey,

    I’m going to sell my HTC droid DNA. I already formatted my phone but i’m a little worried. Can anyone get my private data even after resetting the phone ?



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