How to improve Samsung Galaxy S2 screen display colour?

Samsung Galaxy S II Super AMOLED Plus display is great. But the colour like green and red are over saturated from my point of view. Voodoo ScreenTune helps to improve the colour banding issue. But it does not solve the over saturated issue. Therefore, Chainfire3D Pro’s night mode comes to rescue. You can turn red, green and blue colour levels with it.

Chainfire3D Pro’s night mode tweak

Normal | Red and green colours reduced

The red and green colours reduced screenshot may appear weird on your PC monitor because its colour is okay. But not in Samsung Galaxy S2. Just load this page with your Samsung Galaxy S2, then you will know what I mean. Chainfire3D Pro enables 4xMSAA & 16xMSAA samples. And it can improve your SGS2 colour too.


  1. I can’t stand the over-saturated colours. All of my photos look off. Before purchasing your app (I already have the free one) it would be helpful to know: is it only possible to alter the colours in Night Mode? Or will I be able to apply the filter when viewing in regular mode as well? Thanks!

  2. Hi, I installed chainfire 3D pro. colours are better, but screen brigtness went down drasticallly. Any way of increasing this without having to set display brightness to full ?


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