How to increase Android data.img file size (internal phone storage)?

After running Mdeejay eVo Sense Matted Android ROM on my HTC HD2 for months, I discovered that internal phone storage is running low. And I cannot install new applications or games. I found out that I set only 512 MB internal phone storage when I installed this ROM. So I need to increase data.img file size without damage my data in there. How to increase Android data.img file size for HTC HD2?


Yeah… TopoResize comes to rescue. I managed to increase internal phone storage to 1022 MB from 512 MB. Besides resizing, TopoResize can also help to create a totally new data.img file. Now I have another 610 MB extra free internal phone storage. Of course, your SD card needs to have extra free space else TopoResize can’t help you too.

Download TopoResize v0.7.1 here.


  1. Hi Jayce

    Sorry…I have one question. I used Toporesize and resized my phone storage from 512 to 2gb. but when I restart my phone, it still show 512mb and available is only about 100mb. I started the toporesize again it still show internal phone memory available 100MB and but toporesize shows my data.img now is 2gb. any idea?

  2. Alright Jayce…after reading thru XDA forum…got it…I can’t resize it more the data.img more than 2gb..I downsize it to 1gb…it still shows 512MB…sigh…don’t know what have I done wrong…

  3. Im having a hard time creating new data.img for SuperRAM…it always restarted back to windows and the bootloader whenever I choose android..Dont know what is wrong with my img file.. πŸ™

  4. thats seems to be hard πŸ˜› is there any rom which sports 800 mb internal storage πŸ˜› am not that smart to do this πŸ˜› :$

  5. what i mean is when using toopresize to increase space or whatever its called, does it matter what android system your running or doe it have to be the listed at the start of the text.

    as i am running a android 2.2 on the htc desire hd android system which i think i got from your site

  6. Hye.
    I tried this on my hd2.
    Mod CyanogenMod-7 TyphooN_v32.2.1-magldr
    i’ve successfully created data.img but my internal memory still not change (only 15++ mb available)
    Did i make a mistake or what?

    Cannot install any apps now because of this limitation.
    Please help.

    Thnk U

      • i m usiing SD android i guess. how can i find my data.img file. i went to location in my file manager i.e. Android/data but there is no file thats called data.img it only has my app files…………… can u plz help me i realy want to increse my internal memory

  7. Hi Jayce,
    I am using NexusHD2-Gingerbread_V3.2a_SD__Android-2.3.7
    I have 248 Internal Memory for use. ( 204 used, 44mb free)

    I re-sized the data.img to 1gb, but when I boot again to android, its same, i do not see any change.

    Have I done anything wrong or my ROM doesn’t support this method ?


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