How to install and use Chainfire3D on Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung Galaxy S III is equipped with ARM Mali-400 MP GPU (overclocked version of Samsung Galaxy S II). So Samsung Galaxy S3 can play Tegra, Snapdragon and PowerVR games with Chainfire3D’s help just like Samsung Galaxy S2. However, Chainfire3D was not updated for quite sometimes. So it does not support the latest NVIDIA Tegra 3 games. Or maybe it does? Anyway, if you have old Tegra 2, Snapdragon and PowerVR games and want to play them on Samsung Galaxy S3. Feel free to install Chainfire3D on Samsung Galaxy S3. Note – root access is required.

Install Chainfire3D driver on Samsung Galaxy S3

Not yet root Samsung Galaxy S3? No worry, just follow this guide to do so ~ How to root Samsung Galaxy S3 with CF-Root? (Video). And be sure to make a full system backup with CWM before install Chainfire3D ~ How to backup Samsung Galaxy S3 with ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM)? (Video). A fail safe for anything bad happen.

Step by Step Installation Guide

  1. Install Chainfire3D from Android Market here.
  2. Download here, here and here.
  3. Put these plugin zip files at SD card.
  4. Launch Chainfire3D.
  5. Grant Superuser request access when prompted.
  6. Select CF3D driver ~ Install / upgrade / install CF3D driver.
  7. Then select Install ~ Install CF3D driver and reboot.
  8. After SGS3 rebooted, select Install plugins / shaders ~ Install plugins and shaders from SD card.
  9. It will scan sdcard and extSdCard for, and plugins.
  10. Select each of them to install.
  11. That’s all.
Plugins for Tegra, Snapdragon and PowerVR games

How to use Chainfire3D?

  1. Launch Chainfire3D.
  2. Select Default OpenGL settings ~ Configure default OpenGL settings.
  3. Go to Use plugin ~ Load a plugin.
  4. Select NVIDIA for Tegra games, or POWERVR, QUALCOMM.
  5. Exit Chainfire3D.
  6. Launch the games that you want.
  7. That’s all.

Hopefully, Chainfire will update Chainfire3D to make it compatible with all NVIDIA Tegra 3 games. Then Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best Android gaming smartphone out there. Better than HTC One X…


  1. WOW, your very fast and Thanks for such a quick response!! Im sorry, what I meant was after you Select Default OpenGL settings there are check boxes to choose things like (Reduce texture or unroll textures or reduce textures etc). Do I have to check any boxes for it to run properly? I have a galaxy s3 and im playing Riptide GP but Im not getting that splash effect on my phone screen? Thanks Again for such a super fast response!!

  2. Any luck running Splashtop GamePad THD using chainfire3d?
    My sgs3 is rooted and the screen stay black…

    well just like the sonic4epII, in this game i see 2 superusers requests but forceclose.

  3. Hi, how are you doing? I still can’t seem to get Riptide GP to show those water splashing effect,or blur during the speed burst or any other effect on my SGS3. I have Riptide GP version 1.3.2. Do I need a different version or something? I saw it being played on a SGS3 on YouTube and XDA and it has all the effects but they give no details. So can you help me. Thanks

      • I tried it this morning on AOKP based off CM10 and I’m stuck at the boot logo screen (not boot animation screen). Considering doing it on a leaked JB rom but I’m pretty sure I’d get the same results lol but ignorance is bliss and knowledge is power, so let curiousity kill the cat so he can become immortal.

  4. Hi. I have also a galaxy s3 and I want to play a game called fibble. When i start game the screen is black. So found in forums something with chainfire but i also read if you root your access you will not have anymore the warranty? So what should I do now?

  5. Hi, i installed it but then i accidently pressed to update the app and reboot my phone but now it wont start up.. The white letters with samsung galxy s3 keep on standing in the middle of my screen and it wont start, help?

  6. Hi jayce, I have a problem with instlling chainfire 3D.After installed it rebooted and it just stop there.Stopping at Samsung logo.My Model is gt i-9300T Jellybean 4.1.1

  7. PLEASE HELP !! it stuck in Samsung logo and i didnt made a backup in the start i was hurry a bit !!
    Please dont tell me all my data will be erased !!
    am using GT I9300 international version and 4.2.1 android system
    please help as soon as possible

  8. @ andy just do a dirty flash of whatever rom you are running and you probably will be fine you might do a back up first since you can xtract data from that backup if need be.

    • thats what i just did , i flash it again to 4.2.1 its working , but am confused now should i back up my stuff and format the phone from the beginning so i dont face errors ?
      and please can this Chainfire3D works for me

      • as far as I know CHainfire has no support yet for Jellybean. i haven’t seen much going on with it for a while So I am hoping its not abandonware. I have been looking to the hacks that enable tegra effects 🙂

  9. What if when my phone reboots the Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-19300 logo appears and nothing happens? Is it bad or do i have to wait?

  10. PLEASE HELP !! it stuck in Samsung logo and i didnt made a backup in the start
    am using GT I9300 international version and 4.2.1 android system
    please help as soon as possible

  11. jayce my s3 is not turning on then how can i go to settings… when i hit install CF3D driver and reboot then it stucked on samsung galaxy s3 logo and not going forward plz jayce only u can help me… plz do something.. i have no backup data

  12. i also format the sd card, cache, restore factory settings but still stucked. plz jayce dont ignore me… i m very tense

  13. hi jayce bro… tnx 4 helping but i have another problem.. sory i dont know which version is it my samsung galaxy s3 because my dad brought it from qatar for me, but i guess its international version because when i update my samsung galaxy s3 on wifi then it become 4.1.2.. now i have installed 4.2.1 but i want to install the older version i mean official 4.1.2 if possible so kindly tell me the installation step and also taking its backup..

  14. Ok so send me a suitable link so that i can download an official 4.1.2 jelly bean firmware exactly 4 my version of sgs3 i got confused while checking out version 4 dwnload like there was one file of different sizes nd i hv already told u abt my mb specs so kindly guide me . Tnx

  15. hi guys… i need a hand please.
    how to uninstall cf3d driver in my samsung galaxy grand duos?
    cos i’ve been found my phone zoom when i click the screen a few time.


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