How to install Android 2.3 Gingerbread on HTC HD2? (Video)

Android 2.3 Gingerbread on HTC HD2 is not perfect yet. There are bugs flying around. But rest assures that they will be fixed by those great developers. So these bugs don’t stop you to try it, right? The installation is the same as Android 2.2 Froyo. For Froyo experts, you can skip this post now. New comers, please stay with me…


  • SPL 3.03
  • Radio 2.15
  • Official HTC HD2 ROM v3.14
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROM

First of all, upgrade to latest official HTC HD2 ROM Version 3.14 if you are using old HTC HD2 Windows Mobile ROM like v1.48, v1.66 or v1.72. Follow the video guide ~ How to upgrade Windows Mobile ROM on HTC HD2? if you don’t know to do so. Official HTC HD2 ROM version 3.14 will install SPL 3.03 and Radio 2.15 on your phone. And this makes Android working on HTC HD2.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Power off your phone.
  2. Press volume down button (don’t let go) and power on your phone.
  3. It will load into bootloader.
  4. You should get ‘Red, Green, Blue and White’ screen with SPL-3.03.
  5. Take off the battery.
  6. Power on your phone.
  7. You should see R and D 3.14.xx at bottom of the screen with green HTC Logo.
  8. Connect USB cable from PC to phone after Windows Mobile loaded.
  9. Select ‘Disk Drive’ and click ‘Done’.
  10. Open removable disk (SD card storage) at PC.
  11. Open MDJ_GingerBread_HD2_v.1.0_RC5_RAM_STOCK.7z with 7-Zip.
  12. Copy ‘Android’ folder to desktop.
  13. Then copy it to SD card.
  14. Disconnect USB cable from phone.
  15. Open ‘File Explorer’.
  16. Go to ‘Storage Card’.
  17. Select ‘Android’ folder.
  18. Click on ‘CLRCAD’ first. (note – nothing show up is normal)
  19. Then click on ‘HARET’. (just click ‘Yes’ if unknown publisher warning prompt up)
  20. First time Android loading will take around 1 – 2 minutes.
  21. Follow phone onscreen instructions to setup.
  22. That’s all.

Download MDJ Android 2.3.1 Gingerbread v0.5 RAM [kernel: MDJ S8.0] ROM here.

Enjoy Android 2.3 Gingerbread on HTC HD2…


  1. I like the way you play around with your toy, you have optimized the performance of your toy and make it more fun. Thanks for all the sharing. Nice job!!

      • Hi jock
        i have two problems with my phone HTC HD2 after I install android ( android 2,2 and i installed 2,3 and 4,0) on it it switch off sometimes automatically, i tried to install windows 6,5 ( trai T-mobile and Vodafone everything same problem) I try back again and after 10 ore 30 min. its switch off again. Do you have any idea what is wrong with it.

  2. I’m going to install this android version, because i didn’t have 3g internet on the froyo 2.2.
    Is this one oké?
    Can I do all the normal stuff like calling, texting, download apps in the android market?
    What isn’t working in your phone with this android version ?

    And does 3g en wifi work?

  3. Is there a walk through video or instructions on how to install gingerbread on my htc hd2 if i am already running froyo? i could be wrong but this looks like install instructions from the original windows program.

  4. After i flashed the Rom to Android 2.3, i cant not use the Window mobile sync when i use USB connect my HD2 to the PC they cant not detect. only sync when i back to WM mode. so what can i do if i wanna sync my HD2 on android 2.3 ??
    my pc is Window 7 X64
    Phone : WinMobile 6.5

  5. this is great im having only one problem how can i dock the phone to ad to sd card like movies and music? i tried to dock and windows vista can find device drivers can anyone help?

  6. hi Jayce,

    thank you for the nice job, i installed the Android 2.3.1 on my HD2, but each time i turn it off, the it goes back to WM 6.5 mode. And i have to install it again from SD card. is there a possibility to both both OS.



  7. Jayce Can i ask you a Question?
    If i am using HTC HD2 LEO1.5 (USA t-mobile) SPL2.10 V3.14 R2.15
    can i flash it to 2.2 Froyo? can you provide me a link?
    cusz when i install this 2.3 Gingerbread i really cant Sync this phone to my PC via USB
    WinOS=Window7 X64
    Phone = Win 6.5. Android 2.3.1
    and i am using Window7 sync <—it can charge my phone battery, but it cant connect to the pc Disk Manager.
    i downloaded the HTC Sync 3.0 its still not working too..
    please help . thanks 🙂

  8. hello
    you sed Android 2.3 Gingerbread on HTC HD2 is not perfect yet. There are bugs flying around.
    Before install 2.3 on hd2 I waht to know what does not work, becouse wm7 on hd2 is a rong solution


  9. Yeah , I had Android 2.2 Froyo on my htc hd2 but my battery was empty in less then a day.I used the setcpu app to max my battery life , but the performance is bad…
    Anyone who know’s a solution? I’ve found an other app to max my battery life , but I didn’t test it yet ( batterybooster.apk).

  10. After what I’ve pushed the haret.exe began to install, appeared to me a black screen where it says HTC green letters, but I wait for 1 hour is still the same how i to fix it..please help me

  11. hi i need help…. i did everything your instruction said…but when i try to run it after the logo “HTC” my phone turns on running windows instead of android… what should i do?

  12. have done with 2.3 gingerbread on my HTC HD2, but post the installation. the hardware lights are just blinking everytime.
    it’s consuming the battery like a ghost, is there any solution for this

  13. Can I use Compnay Directory feature in android 2.3 / it’s available in Windows Phone & 2.2 Froyo as well.
    if available how can i use it.

  14. Hey there, Im using the HTC HD2 (U.S.) and my SPL is not 3.03. Can I still run Gingerbread on my phone? If not where can I upgrade the SPL


  15. Ok Jayce, after hours of trying to figure this stuff out (and I mean hours) I finally got it. I have all the prereqs and when I get to the very last step my screen STAYS on HTC. How do I fix this?
    I have
    spl 3.03
    hspl 4
    radio 2.15

  16. which phone is best according to you. I’m talking specifically about Phone Models.

    HTC HD7
    HTC Desire HD

    currently I’m using HTC HD2, want to take a new one. but very very confused in these two.

  17. Ok, got another question/concern. Everything seems to be working great although my network connections seem to drop out(status goes from green to white) and cant seem to connect to ANYthing that requires data. Is there a way for me to force my phone to find a signal or have it find a network(preferable t-mobile) automatically?


  18. hi sir…sorry to disturb u once again..what shoud i install first 1.NAND Android on HTC HD2 with ClockworkMod, 2. NAND Android, 3. Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 4. MDJ Gingerbread NAND Android ROM
    please give me direction n advice please…tq

  19. Got a question, whats your advice/recommendations on dual boot loaders? running gingerbread on my winmo HD2, booting up android is REALLY fast but when I start up my phone it takes forever to boot windows, I wanna bypass winmo and go straight into android. Suggestions/ideas?


  20. Hi!! Thanks for the ROM is working excellent from the SD card, I only got 1 issue, When I call or I recive a call the phone doesnt do anyting, no raction when I pres the button, have to reseat the battery and boot back to android, do you have any fix for this???

    SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G

    ROM 3.14.405.2


  21. hmmm i tried this & everything went smoothly until it went to the htc black screen & stayed that way for about 3 minutes. should i just keep waiting or keep doing the process over & over again? it would help me very much :]

  22. Hi,
    I’m very new to all this android stuff on the HTC HD2 and I have some questions which I hope you can help me answer. I’ve just started experimenting installing Android on sd.

    My first question is how do I switch from the Android to Windows and back to Android, easily? Do I use a dual boot app? How do I install this?

    My second question is if I purchase Android apps via Market place on the mobile, does it install to the system or the sd card? can I choose to install on the sd?

    Thirdly, if I decide to remove the Android install from my sd, what will happen to the apps I’ve installed? can I save them and reinstall when I install Android again (eg. a newer version)?

    Thank you for you time.

    I’m trying to install this gingerbread on my HTC HD2 with all the original software the rom version is 3.14 but it’s taking more than 1-2 minutes, its been aboutn 30 mins now. Can you please tell me what I could have done wrong? the only change I made was changed the data.img to the 512, is this ok?

    Thanks again.

  23. hey i have tried this gingerbread and even Froyo android version but after i reboot to go again to to window version and then when i again want to go to android it keeps rebooting.So what should i do,I have the 3.14 rom version, 2.15 radio and how do i know the spl or how do i upgrade my spl version.Pls help!!!

  24. ok so i finally figured out to get the 3.14 rom into the fone & all the other prerequisites but it still won’t work. it goes into the black screen of htc logo & then goes straight to uploading the winmo. what’s happening? >,<

  25. Hey there jay, got a question. I installed gingerbread a few months ago, and up until recently was working great! Ive been getting the (process force close window and also the signal strength/data indicator is white(grey) instead of green. Any idea why this is happening or a way to fix it? Ive tried the settings>manage applications>google service framework clearing data but that doesnt seem to help


  26. ok ! but i have a hd2 t-mobile phone . will this work ? (if not. can you tell me a way to installa andoid on my htc hd2 t-mobile on SD Card?! )

  27. Hello. I loaded the android v2.3 onto my phone step by step, and this is my first time. So now my phones is stuck at the android screen after I hit haret n it rebooted. Is this normal, and if so how long does it stay this wat? thanks!

  28. Hi Jayce i installed this on my friends HTC HD2 she never had Android on her phone before.
    Is there anything else i need to install on the phone? Also is there a way where i can save it to the phone memory because when i take the memory card out it goes back to windows?

    • Just make you have all the prerequisites will do. Sorry, this build is based on SD card. Can’t install on internal memory. NAND Android is the one you need if want to install on internal memory.

  29. Hey Jayce i installed android following your steps after i updated the rom and the radio and all of that and it worked great! but now i started to experience problems the internet or any app that requires internet connection stopped working at some times and a bigger problem now is that i cant make phone calls if i try to make a call i get a message on the screen saying “The process android.process. acore stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” Ive tried rebooting the phone and doing the CLRCAD then HARET nd still once i get it to DROID same message pops up when i try making a call. Do you know what the problem is???

  30. Jayce,

    Need your assistance as I was trying to load- How to install Android 2.3 Gingerbread on HTC HD2? on my HTC HD2 T-Mobile.

    Followed your laid out instructions.
    1. install HSPL3 HTC HD2- loaded ok.
    2. install radio ROM 2.15 – loaded ok
    3. install install DFT MAGLDR Bootloader – loaded ok
    4. This is where all went wrong- install ClockworkMod Recovery- all you see is- “stick together” the t-mobile flash, nothing else.

    I cannot access my HTC HD2 active sync and a hard mac has the same results. Got any ideas / recommendations? As I would really like to get Nand Android loaded on my mobile.

  31. Ok.

    In the mean while how and what can I do to flash my ROM again as it’s still stuck at “stick together” the t-mobile flash, nothing else”.

    I have master reset it and still receive the same message –

  32. hey, i followed the instructions, but the black thingy after clicking haret, stays there for a long time… what should i do?

  33. Hi jayce need ask y when I off the phone and want change it the phone will turn on and make a call the sound like robot when other speak to me

  34. hi i followed your instructions to load gingerbread 2.3 but after loading haret it goes into a black screen and says jumping to kernel i have left it for 10 minutes and nothing happens, could you help?

  35. Hi i have downloaded the latest ROM and run it then i have followed your instructions but i get the Haret boot screen at the bottom says jumping to Kernel custom and freezes, not too sure where i am going wrong your help would be greatly appreciated

  36. Hello Jay,

    Thanks so much for the help.

    I need help… I keep getting this message! The file ‘CLRCAD’ cannot be opened.Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate,or on of its compenents cannon be found.If the problem persists,try reinstalling or restoring this file.

    I had this working for 2 – 3 days but then that happened. Any advice?

      • thnx for replying..
        so once i install HSPL, I’ll be able to upgrade to new Rom 3.14, then 2.3 android ?!

        1 more Q. pls .. what’s the difference between this 2.3.1 android and 2.3.3 ?!!

        • Install HSPL, Radio 2.15 and then Android. No need install WinMo ROM 3.14.

          Android 2.3.1 vs 2.3.3 == Sorry, I don’t know the different in detail. But latest always the best. 😉

  37. okay.. but is it normal that when i open android zip file on my lap, i find folders called boot & META-INF & system.. ?!!

  38. Thanks for the good work here Jayce. One quick question from me too. I recently sent my phone off and got a replacement model, obviously the firmware is updated and the old android i already have loaded on my SD doesn’t function correctly. It’s a Cyanogen mod, and the only issue I can see so far is that the sound is too fast on all programs. Do you think this could be fixed simply by flashing HSPL4 first, and then booting again ? Or shall I completely scrap the idea.

    Also with regards to Gingerbread as i’m a fan of newer models ; are there functions that dont work ? Most importantly wi-fi, camera and video camera, bluetooth, android market etc..

    Thanks in advance.

    • Flashing HSPL4 ~ SPL-2.08.HSPL will let you load all the Android ROM out there. Of course, you need to have correct radio ROM too like v2.15 (I am using this one).

      I did not touch SD Android much after changed to NAND Android. So can’t comment much on it. But I know there are lot of good SD builds in XDA website now. You can check on them. 😉

  39. having some problems here. i have all the prerequisites but when i click on CLRCAD and then HARET. all i get is the green colour “HTC” and it had been loading ever since. what did i do wrongly?:)

  40. I just installed this exactly like your video and all seems to be working well. I read thru most of the post trying to get the answer but i must of missed it somewhere. I want to keep windows mobile on my phone as well, but how do i get it to boot up in android after I have turned the device off and back on again. Thanks

  41. Hey Jayce,

    thanks for great walkthrough…been running android 2.3 for about 2 weeks now, but lately my phone has been shutting down on me by itself…sometimes it would leave me at a lite up black screen or it would just vibrate and shutdown on its own

    after it shutsdown i would have to run winmo for a good day before trying to reboot android without it freezing up on me …any suggestions thanks

    oh yeah and would you know if gps exact location works? when im on google maps it will give me like a 600 meter radius but it would never give me exact

  42. Hey there!
    Im getting a HTC HD7 soon(In had the HD2 with gingerbread installed on it and it was AWESOME!) well now my HD2 decided to stop working so I have to replace it 🙁 Do you know any good mods/links for finding installation u=instructions for Android Gingerbread on the HD7?


  43. Hey, I have just installed this android ROM into my HD2. After installation, I found the link you send about the other android’s ROM. SO should i keep this current ROM or use those found at the link?

  44. how can i upgrade my 2.2 desire to 2.3.2 when i completely erased Wm six.5 with MAGLUDER if i am not wrong.
    i followed your steps installing the 2.2

  45. Ok! In case I want to stock with the typhoon gingerbread, after I copy the zip file “boot, meta-inf,system” on SD how do you run it? I think I saw that you are using typhoon as well?

  46. hi, Jayce.
    Thanks for the awsome posts. i just wanted to know i have a htc hd2 and i have done nand android to android 2.2 now how do i upgrade to gingerbread 2.3?
    Also if i downgrade it to wm6.5 then i m not able to bootup with gingerbread 2.3 through sd card. Help Me:-(

  47. I have installed cyanogen nand on htc HD2, so far every thing was smooth. Now I’m stuck with a problem that my short cut to the menu at the bottm is missing and only showing the star. Also i can’t add or delete any other shortcuts on the home screens too. tried googling couldn’t find any bettr solution than factory reset. please let me know if this can be solved without factory reset and if so how to do it and what causes this. Thanks a lot in advance.

  48. Hi Jayce,

    I just upgrade my HD2 With ROM version 3.14.405.2 WWE. But On BootLoader to upgrade the 2.08 to 3.03? any link and guide? do i have to install SupeRam Froyo before installing ginger? please help thx

  49. just finish custome radio with RUU but when running android folder on my sd card its continue boot WinMo……….haizzzzzz

  50. Dear Jayce,

    I am running typhoon NAND on my htc hd2. Ever since i have installed this the Voice search does not work and show some error massage: “process has stopped unexpectedly” I have tried clearing the data and then even re-installing the Voice search application but no yield.

    Also I have another issue with my desktop screen that do not scroll with an ease…but gives a jittery moves before jumping to the next screen. this is recently developed but i have no idea what causes this. Tried with scrolling speed settings etc but no fruit 🙁 Initially i thought it was caused by some settings, but could t figure out..

    Now im thinking of installing on the SD card android and remove NAND one. I think it takes most of the internal space space (only 150MB was left and after installing the typhoon pack and then i have loaded some applications by which i have left with only 26MB space now) So, could u please let me know what is the pro’s and con’s of installing it on SD card instead NAND?

    Thanks for your time.

    • SD Android is getting better nowadays (heard from others but I did not test it). So can’t compare much about SD and NAND since I don’t study SD Android anymore.

      You can use 150MB CWM partition. This should increase internal storage disk space. And use Android ROM with A2SD+ support. This will install apps into SD card directly.

  51. I’m running MDJ GingerBread 2.3.1 with EBL2.1a._PlusUbuntu and it is running great. However I own 3 HTC HD2 phones. On 1 phone is runs amazing, however I tried installing on another phone and it worked for about a week and now when I try running GingerBread alone it keeps telling me The File “CLRCAD” cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate…I’ve tried reformatting the SD card numerous times and reinstalling GingerBread alone and with Ubuntu to no avail. Any suggestions?

  52. I installed the android 2.3 gingerbread and everything went smoothly however, I can not use google, camera, email. When I switch back to windows-everything works fine. Did i do something wrong? I followed all the steps correctly.

  53. Hi jayce i would just like to ask how can i know if my phone is a leo1024 or a leo512? i want to install android cmyxlgo’s stock desire hd rom..or in case my phone is a leo512, is there an existing desire hd stock rom android build that i can install on my phone? thanks a lot! 🙂 i bought my phone here in the Philippines and definitely not a Tmobile one..

    • Only T-Mobile HD2 (US) is LEO1024. The rest are LEO512. So yours should be LEO512. As for Desire HD ROM, just do a search at my blog will do.

  54. Hey Jayce, got a question for ya? Is it possible for a android build to corrupt a SD card? I have a HD2(USA) and rooted android froyo, then upgraded to gingerbread.(ive used a couple different builds) But I Read on one of your blogs the CryogenMod 7 had some MAJOR issues with it, I cant remember which CM build I used but have noticed some issues, Ive reformatted my SD cvard a few times to completely wipe out everything from it, but since then my phone hasnt worked right since. I actually had to replace it with another HD2 and are afraid oif using the same SD card that I had in the old one……help???? hehehe


  55. hey Jayce
    i have using this version for sometime now but after a few days it starts giving me errors such as force close for dialer and messaging. Plus i cant send or recieve mms on it and the camcorder doesnt work. i have to change it back to wm 6.5 for mms. can these probs be fixed somehow???
    Rest, everything workds just fine and is quite fast aswel

  56. hey jayce, i am having htc hd2 and want to install android 2.3 on it. so as u have told that
    SPL 3.03
    Radio 2.15
    Official HTC HD2 ROM v3.14 should be installed. so will installing HTC HD2 ROM v3.14 only will update the other two (spl and radio) also or we will have to do each separately?

    and how much space should i have in the memory card for installing android 2.3?

  57. Hello.. I Installed 3.03 HSPL and Radio version . Firstly I taped CLRCAD, then opened Haret. It booted then I saw American Android it stayed for 5mins. It got turned off then I turned it on. And when I try to Tap CLRCAD again it is saying “Cannot be opened ….blah blah..Certificate problem”” What to do please help me

  58. Hello I got it. I did not upgrade my ROM to 3.14, I thought I upgraded to 3.14.yeah now everything is alright.. I have a doubt … Can we use Market place in android ? one fellow told me that we cannot use Market place if you have installed that true ? can we download android games from site and play ? I downloaded angrybirds.apk but when i search for it, I cannot see it in my mobile.why is that ? thanks alot !!

    • No, Marketplace is for Windows Phone. And you still use Marketplace even after installed SD Android.
      By the way, you can use Android Market in Android phone to download apps and games. In your case, use file explorer to find the place that you copied over the apk. It should be there if you copied correctly.

  59. Hello..Yes I have Market Place in my windows htc hd2..I can see market place in android too but we cannot downloads games and app from it right ? (HTC HD2 ANDROID)

  60. Yes sorry It is Market In Android..Can we download games from market ? we need to register our mobile..nothing like that ?

  61. Jayce help me pls i did everything in the steps but then when i runned HARET it stucked on jumping to kernel (custom)… pls help me

  62. i followed all the steps but after word htc shows on my screen the word android doesnt and it restarts regularly

  63. Hi Jayce,
    Kudos to u man,for the great work on HTC HD2,Android development..
    Im from India,using Airtel Network..
    I installed everything as per ur instructions n vow its jus fine,cant find any better advice,
    but i had a couple of problems.,

    1. Market application starts functioning,( in H mode only, ) but slowly before i finish off my browsing,all web related functions says network error n force closes.. Is it bcoz of the hacked versions,my connection is being terminated?

    2. I had a back up of all my contacts in outlook 2002,running xp on my laptop,but nothing could be done about sync ing them back on android,neither to my old windows 6.5,i have a dual boot app.. i manually entered all my 700+ contacts,.
    My concern is i ve backed up them as .vcf in SD card,is that enough for me to try different ROMs ??? (I run htc original 3.14)

    3. Angry birds was my dream,im still not able to even download or install? what to do? plz help..

    4. Leave about 720p upgrade,Video is not functioning?

    5. USB connectivity is nil,no options on connecting USB cable,wat to do?

  64. so i have the tmobile plan on my htc hd2 and i tried everything and it wworked fine all up until the part where the screen turns black and the words “htc” appears and after its suppose togo to the black screen with the words “android” but instead my phone turns off and back on and nothing changes.. what do i do ?

  65. Hi !! Why i cant send and recieve a MMS message on android !! can anybody help me !! please please please !! thank you very much !!!
    and another problem !! its okay ! but sometime it auto reboot !!! and the battery run fast then its burning inthe back of my phone everytime i use !! i check it by AVG ! and it said my phone is running “High privilege mode” !can u help me get off of it !! please please ! thank you very much !!!

  66. Is there a Android 2.3 or above that has everything working and nearly perfect? Also to uninstall i just Flash to a official ROM right?


    I just did everything you said to do and now I have Android Gingerbread on my HD2!!!

    Its Super Fast!!! And EVERYTHING WORKS!!!

    Thanks heaps again!!

    Your the Best!!!

  68. hi jacey now im using this android gingerbread ver 2.3.1.. my problem is why my battery easily got drain? what i should do?pls help..

  69. What is the latest and best working SD Rom right now? I’m currently using MJD Gingerbread 2.3.1 and after 2 months its starting to drag plus I keep getting “Google Services Framework has stopped unexpectedly” so I think its time to find a trusted SD Rom. Any suggestions on what to use?

  70. Hi again =)

    I was just wondering if there is a better version of Android for the htc hd2, (such as Android 2.3.4), that I can download and put in my SD card. So I can still use wm6.5 as well as android, I dont want NAND atm…

    If so can you please send me the link.

    Thanks heaps mate!!

  71. Hi Jayce, im trying to install this build but as soon as i run it i get the green htc logo for about 2 minutes and then it restarts back to windows. I am running a 3.14 Rom and 2.15 radio with 3.03 spl. Any ideas?

  72. I have android on my HD2, but i can’t use the front camera, and my phone can’t connect to foreign T-mobile when im abroad. Can somebody help me to solve this problem ?

  73. hi,when i’m tyring to install ROM 3.14 but it showing rapitool has stopped working.plzz suggest a solution.i really need android.

  74. hey jayce, i want windows 6.5 rom update v 3.14. i cant find it anywhere. can uplz send me a link for saudi arabia? i will really appriciate your effort.

  75. hey jayce, i want windows 6.5 rom update v 3.14. i cant find it anywhere. can uplz send me a link for saudi arabia? i will really appriciate your effort.

  76. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for this ROM, it’s so nice.
    But my GPS doesn’t work… and the charging LED is not working.
    Have-you seen these problems ?
    HTC HD2 in France.

    Thank you


  77. wow,it works thanks a lot.
    i did everything you said and both windows and android works good.
    keep it up ,the good job. Thanks again.

  78. Hi jayce, I really need yoour help. I tried loading the software on my htc hd2 and got to the point where my phone is booting up into the magldr v1.11 screen. clockworkmod recovery v3.0.0.5 is loaded but when i go to install zip from sd (install /sdcard/ i get an error sayinge:cant open / (no such file or diectory) installation aborted. please help me, what shall i do?

  79. installed gingerbread…..workng much smoother thn froyo……thx a ton for ur helps,now my cell is really superb,much btr thn many latest expensive cells with gingerbread.previously i was hatng myself fr gtng windows cell but now loving it.

  80. Hi,

    I followed ur instructions n only n no other rom works, this rom is taking plenty of my battery, n is slow.

    I have installed HSPL4 n its spl-3.03.hspl, radio is 2.12 n rom is 3.14

    I would prefer gingerbread or latest android rom. Can u perhaps give me a link to a rom which I could used, (XDA is too confusing and i tried top sd androids n only above works) Please help.


  81. hello jayce
    i did the same steps above given then is jumps to kernel then black background with htc then i waited it comes to windows mobile what should do??SPL 3.03
    Radio 2.15 i dont hav these software but i hav rom 3.14 and the gingerbread file please help me !!

  82. Hi… erm i have all the prerequisites.. And i follow your steps clearly to install this build but as i run it i get the green htc logo for about 1 or 2 minutes and then it restarts back to windows. Why?? Whats the problem?? Can it be solved?? I need Help!!

  83. Hi there, is there any way to update galaxy ace to gingerbread? if so, can you pleeease make an instruction video to show how to do it? I would appreciate it very very very much


  84. sir jayce,

    i have htc hd2, i almost avery thing to install andriod on it. and upgrade it as you mentioned required for andriod.
    •SPL 3.03
    •Radio 2.15
    •Official HTC HD2 ROM v3.14
    •Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROM
    but when i run it through file explorer (HARET.) HTC HD2 no any reaction and showing HTC in black screen and mobile restart.
    i m doing every thing but same problem
    please help me what i do.


    shabbir hussain

  85. Jayce,
    Thanks for the link & I have success install GB 2.3.1 on my HTC HD2.
    Every thing look smooth but only data plan is not working even is ‘thick’ on Data enabled.
    Went Serch networks ‘Error while serching for network’ is show on screen.
    Any solution?

  86. Dear Jayce,

    I have reinstall my HTC HD2 of GB 2.3.1 but this time went I click CLRCAD.EXE it show canot be open.eighter it is not signed with a trusted certificate…..
    So I download BsB Tweaks but this also cannot install due to “unknown publisher”
    Do u have solution on this?


    Kong Ket Leong

  87. hi , done it all but gets stuck on the reboot and R and D 3.14.xx dont match mine nor does SPL-3.03 PLEASE HELP !! Thanks jamie

  88. Hello
    i have for already 9 months android on my htc hd2

    but now i need to upgrade su binaire so oke i want to update i update it but every time i update is says it fails try agian?

    so i try agian and agian It fails try agian?

    whats the problem with it?

  89. Hi Jayce, im still running winmob 6.5 on my HD2 and want to change to android gingerbread. My handy fulfills all the prerequisites and i followed the steps precisly. But after i clicked on HARET i got the error message “”failed to load file \Speicherkarte\Android\zIMage”. Do you have any idea?

    Thanks a lot for your help!


  90. hello,it was all working perfectly fine,once i restarted the phne n tried to boot it for android,now whn i go to android in sd card n press clard,it shows its not registeretd or reinstall it again…..what should i do now,is there any new gingerbread rom available now……i deleted my android folder n repasted it but nothng happening,

  91. Hi Jayce,

    I tried installing froyo, according to your tutorial but got in to problems. So I decided to try install gingerbread, but now ginger bread requires spl3.03 and i have hspl. I see there no tutorial how can
    I re upgrade to spl3.03 as required for gingerbread.

    Please help.

  92. hello, i instaled android 2.3.2 on htc hd2 t mobile, but i cant use my 16gb sd card:( any luck to make it visible for android:)? u ar e my last chance to be happy with that phone:)

  93. hello Jayce,
    Please help!
    I have a htc hd2with android Nand working fine (installed on phone memory) , however I’m facing insufficient space problems. So ,I like now to install android on my sd card. is there any simple way to do that like your post here; this method is good for hd2 working with Windows mobile but mine is android.
    I have seen your reply on the top but it does not give a solution! just a link to the post how to install android nand which is not my problem now since it’s already working for me.

    Android 2.2.1
    boot Mgr 1.3

    Thanks in advance

  94. hello again jayce, i dont know what to do i tried everything still stucking on htc white screen after flashing magldr, please suggest me something i am sick of this windows 6.5 (even facebook sucks 🙂

  95. hi, im using android 2.2 on htc hd2 i want to install gingerbread 2.3 to htc hd2
    please help me to install gingerbread 2.3
    it would be a great pleasure if you could tell me step by step


  96. Hi jayce
    i read your blog frequently your are doing a good job,, I just want to ask you is, I have installed android 2.3 gingerbread on my HTCHD2 everything is working very well thanks to you but i have a problem my phone battery is draining very fast which makes me upset, I am very much sure u have some solution for it please help me…. thanks

  97. Hi

    how is Nexus HD2 android 2.3.5 battery life?? you want me to download this or
    u have something esle which can save my battery life???

  98. hello; i have recently tried to do this. My mobile is a virgin mobile service and i was wondering if that was at all irrelevant the android. My mobile has remained on a black screen with white writing.
    Please get back to me.

  99. I got a problem I didn’t follow all the steps (I didn’t press volume down and power at the same tima but i did every thing else now i have on my screen ic black with small white letters like on the video but it’s like that for 20 minutes did I do any thing wrong and is it dangerous for my mobile?

  100. hi Jayce i just try all the step but more then 20 mnt annd still the black screen …
    what i have to do ?
    and please what the last build
    thanks cheers

  101. Hi….can you help? I’ve tried to put anroid on my HTC HD2 and it didn’t go well. Now when the cell is turned on it goes strait to the magloader screen. Is there anything I can do to fix this phone and ever used it again? Any version of android will do as long as its working ….can you help? I think I messed up trying to install the zip file to the sd card but theres no way to go back…is there?

  102. Hi…again ok I may be the only one NOT getting this..I downloaded the zip of choice. How can I combine the zip & the sd card if my PC doesn’t see the phone due to it loading strait into magloader. I can only use the red,green,blue&white screen or the magloader screen…thats it. How can I still combine the zip and the sd card? Im lost! I see the how to steps but without the zip& sd card first this will not work…Please help or I can pay you before I pull my hair out.

  103. I have a question, I installed the 2.3 android on my HTC HD2, and it works fine, so thanks for that!!!
    I was wondering if it is possible to make it the default operating system instead of the original windows 6.5 !!! any suggestions?

  104. hi jayce how you doing ??? just wondring do you now about nokia cell phone N8 i want to install ovi store to my device how can i do it ??? waiting for your reply

  105. @Zs86 thanks for your reply …i did hard reset after doing that ovi store is missing from my device…. now i dont know how to get it back

  106. hello, help me to choose the proper ROM for my HD2. I would like to apdejt 1.66.479.2 Eastern Europe. does that mean that version download for Eastern Europe, because when I connect to the official HTC download the version for England. wich is correct. Greetings from Belgrade, Serbia

      • thanks anyway. in my country does HTC support. We have only 2 Apdejt on the official HTC site, saving the battery, and a security … one more thing, what should I do to install Windows Mobile Energy Cookie 6.5.X custom rom? my rom 1.66.479.2 radio greeting

  107. It’s amazing man, it worked for me! THe only thing that I don’t like about is that it does not have the “Voice search” thing .

  108. Please help! I turned on the phone and tried to load to the Android and it loaded and everything but kept sayin “The process android.process.acore has stopeed unexpectedly.Please try again.”
    Please reply ASAP

  109. Hey Jayce i’m using Android version 2.2.1 works good some times lil bit hang & the call quality is poor .
    so could u please tell me how’s their call voice quality or wifi worked or not ?

  110. hy, please can you tell me if i have on htc hd2 android 2.2 want can i to install android 2.3 giger.. there is no video regarding this issue. i have to install win mobile? again?

    tanks for helping me !

  111. Hi jayce, i have some problems on installing the google play store, it says application not installed. Any fix to that?

    Sorry for the spam xP

  112. Hello, Jayce.
    I looked at this blog, all the directions are really clear. i have a few quetisons:
    1. i have a t-mobile hd2. I originally have 2.13 and upgraded to Official HTC HD2 ROM v3.14, htat means i HAVE THE SPL 3.03 and Radio 2.15 pre-requisite?
    2. I was just wondering with those two pre-requisites mentioned I can only install the MDJ_GingerBread_HD2_v.1.0_RC5_RAM_STOCK.7z rom, not other ones right? cuz i read other blogs or post from the website, it seems like there are a lot of other ways to install android but other pre-requisites are needed.
    3.what are the bugs that this rom has? does everything work fine?
    4.after i get it to android, say if i want to go back to mobile phone, is there a file manager or is it possible to read the SD card from PC any more?
    5. is there a better android rom that can be installed via sd method that has everything work fine with no bugs or less bugs? do you have them in your blog?
    Thank you very much for you time!

    • 1. Not sure as I don’t have T-Mobile HD2. You might have SPL-2.10.
      2. Better install HSPL.
      3. This is very old ROM. Bugs exist.
      4. This is SD Android. Windows Mobile still there and work like before.
      5. I don’t study much on SD Android. Use mostly NAND Android. But you can find more SD Android at XDA website.

  113. worked like a charm.but the battery back up is very low.hardly for half a keep on draining even though it is in sleep mode.please help me JAYCE. 🙂

  114. can u say smart way 2 to install android in htc hd2, the android is not downloading in the liks “multiupload”
    proide alternative link

  115. Hi Jayce: I already upgraded my T-mobile HTC Hd2 to the 3.14 rom, does that mean that I already satisfy the first two requirements of—SPL 3.03 Radio 2.15 and I am ready to just follow this guide and install the android? That means I will still have my windows mobile, all it does is do some changes to the memory card rite? does the android market work on this after android is installed? thanks for your time!

  116. Hi Jaycee,

    Thanks, Ive been already change my HD2 to android but i have problem i cannot make video recording? can you give us the link how to work on it..

    Im waiting for your reply..

    Thanks, RAymond

  117. hiya dude, i’ve succsefully installed this rom and i’m using it a month alrdy, but i want some help. my android market cant update to “google play”. been days and days but still cant. is it coz of the ROM or there is a way to fix this bug, if i can call it like that 🙂

  118. Will this affect the phone contacts? I mean like format the phone data?
    If no, can I still view my contacts in Android Gingerbread?

  119. Hi,

    It all works perfectly so really pleased but is there any way of making it so you don’t have to re-install it after you turn your phone off? I know you said this is normal but its really annoying!


  120. I did all the stuff from the video, but it’s stop on a black screen with htc green logo… I tried many times and the same results, what should I do ?

  121. heyy i am using windows on my hTc HD2. I was wondering if i installed android in it, would i be able to turn back into windows??

    and what memory card is needed for it class 10, 6, 4 ?? or i can use any memory card….

  122. Hy, i installed Gingerbread V 1.0 RC4 but after 1 day its having problem. When i use to load the android by pressing CLRCAD & HARET file its giving error that ‘file can’t be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate. or one of its components cannot be found. if thr problem persists, try reinstalling or restoring this file.’

    Please help me out in this.


  123. sir when i retart my phne 3 thing appear on bottom left that is R 2.15 and G 15.42 and D 3.16 PLXX inform me if my rom is updated or nott thaank you very much

  124. i tried doing it on a htc HD2 having android froyo 2.2. It wouldnt work because of the .exe files. what do u recommend me doing now?

  125. Hi Jayce, can please help.
    I am running WM6.5 like to dual boot with android2.3 Ginger after installation, when I click on CLRCAD it gives me this message “cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of this components cannot be found.”
    What can I do to fix the problem.

  126. Salut Jayce, Merci pour les ROMs, sache que je n’arrive pas. est ce que le fichier doit etre envoyer sur la Memoire SD en Zip ou unzipper le? l’autre question est ce que l’Ice cream Sandwich_ Nexus 4.0 est valable pour T-Mobile Leo. parceque ma par est un T-Mobile. Merci pour ton support.

  127. hei there . can you help me with someting 😀
    i have a problem with htc hd2 after i want to have android but i didn’t the slot card doesn’t work anymore What should i do?
    please hepl me !

  128. not in 8 gb memory card and not for 2gb memory card (sorry for my. stupid english) Can you tell me if the slot card has died? and how much does it cost
    and the windows 7 restart alter 1 min and i don;t know why and my phone is not mine I’m so screewd:(

  129. hey Jayce, first gingerbread was working on HD2, but after when i install the Windows 7
    and android Jelly bean cyanogen mod 10, but when i downgrade to win 6.5 but this gingerbread was not working on HD2.
    I have completed all Prerequisites.
    what is problem PLZ help me………..


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