How to install non-Market .apk apps on Android?

Most of the Android applications can be found at Android Market. However, some of them are not in there. They are offered at other website for download. Android application is coming with .apk file type while Microsoft Windows Mobile with .cab file type. In order to non-Market .apk application on Android, you need to enable ‘Unknown sources ~ Allow installation of non-Market applications’ in Applications at Setting. Just tick on it and you can install non-Market application right now. Else, you will get ‘Install blocked’ message pop up.

How to install non-Market .apk apps on Android?

  1. Copy non-Market .apk to SD card.
  2. Browse to the folder that you copied to with OI File Manager.
  3. Click on it to install.
  4. That’s all.

Enjoy your non-Market .apk applications on Android.


  1. My concern for android phone, or Samsung Galaxy S which I m using, is the ability to install .jar file or java files.
    I heard that one has to install a 3rd party app 1st in order to install jar files like mig33 or Nimbuzz lite and such. How do I do it?
    I m a very active mig33 user and I NEED it in my mobile now. Please help me.

  2. with xperia x10 on at&t branded, when trying to download it tells you that it is blocked no matter what. with or with out using the oi file manager.

        • Hi Robert,

          What was the work around you used to install non-Market apps? Since ATT does not Allow installation of non-Market applications’ in Applications at Setting?

          • ok download droidexplorer and see can fimd instructions on how to set it up. but from your phone you can download the app, but the installation wil just be blocked. plug in your phone, mount sd card, and it should find ur phone. there is an option to install app, click that and then you should be able to browse your computer, go to removable disks and find ur sd card. find the app under downloads and install. it will ask a question and if the window closes it should of installed. go through your apps on ur phone to make sure it is there. apparently you can use it to uninstall the att bloatware, but haven’t tried yet.

              • Worked for me. If u have an xperia x10 I highly recommend using xda’s flash tool to unlock and update phone to 2.1. Its worrying, and didnt take long.
                Just search xdadevelopers flash tool. And download the 2.1 x10a world generic file along with flash tool. And it has instructions on the website. I would put links, but im on my phone. Just Google and search around the website. Its easy.

  3. though I had done exactly it is mentioned, I cant download mig33 on my samsung’s android cell. why is that? would you please help me out to download mig33 in my cell phone.

  4. i used to be able to download from 4shared mega ect. my unkown market is checked but everytime i try to download something it says cannot download the content is not supported on phone???? dont know whats different now …g1 rooted and since root i have been able to download nd now i cant???? pls help


  5. I followed the above instructions for installing a non-market android app and still get the “install blocked” error message. I have a Samsung Captivate with FROYO. I’ve contacted AT&T and Samsung about this issue and can’t get it resolved. Any help would be appreciated.

    • 2.2 firmware version
      model samsung-sgh I897
      every thing i have tried to install .apk fails any ideas? thanxs..

  6. Can anyone help me as to how to install a jar/jad file on my xperia x10 sony ericsson android phone??
    Waiting for an early reply.


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