How to install update zip on Redmi 2?

Want to try new stuffs like mods or enhancements on your Redmi 2? You will need to know how to install update zip on Redmi 2 then. Xiaomi makes our life easier by giving us the Updater app to do so. Yes, you can install OTA update zip with this method. Or any system update file that you want. Of course, you need to make sure that this modification file will not bring any harm to your Redmi 2. Else you might need to use Fastboot to reinstall everything again. Basically, Updater let you select the update file then boot into recovery to install.

Updater app

How to install update zip on Xiaomi Redmi 2?

  1. Copy update zip file to internal storage root level.
  2. Go to Tools.
  3. Select Updater.
  4. Click on more items (…).
  5. Then click on Choose update package.
  6. Look for the update zip file and select it.
  7. Press Update.
  8. Confirm by click on Start update.
  9. That’s all.

Enjoy the new features and enhancements on your Redmi 2 now…


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