How to overclock Nexus 4 GPU?

Want to get better 3D gaming performance on Google Nexus 4? Well, you can overclock Adreno 320 GPU to do so. Of course, you need to install custom kernel that support GPU overclocking in order to do so. And make sure that your Nexus 4 is not overheat else it will auto reduce GPU clock speed as well just like CPU do. Does overclock Nexus 4 GPU really improve 3D games performance? Try it to find out…

Note – overclock will reduce Qualcomm APQ8064 CPU, Adreno 320 GPU and other hardware components lifespan because it will overheat easily. Do it at your own risk.

LG Nexus 4 GPU @ 487 MHz

How to overclock Nexus 4 GPU?

  1. Install Nexus 4 custom kernel that support overclock GPU.
  2. Install Trickster MOD.
  3. Launch Trickster MOD.
  4. Go to Specific tab.
  5. Select the GPU Max Frequency that you prefer.
  6. Select Apply (tick).
  7. That’s it.

Note – Only enable ‘Set on Boot’ when you are confident that the overclocked GPU speed won’t hang and stable all the time.


  1. Hi Jayce. i just want to buy this phone.i have some question for you. will you still post new things for this phone now after you bought galaxy s4?
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