How to remove bloatware on Galaxy Note 3?

How to remove bloatware on Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Well, you can’t unless you have root access. However, you can disable them which basically do the same stuff. Yes, thanks to Google for letting Android 4.0 onward to have this ability. Else we need to use Titanium Pro with root access. Remove those bloatware that you don’t need like ChatON, LINE, Flipboard, WatchOn, KNOX… Sound great, right? There is a limitation – not all application can be disabled. Example, Flipboard…

Disable Galaxy Note 3 bloatware

How to disable Galaxy Note 3 bloatware?

  1. First of all, bring up Settings.
  2. Select General tab.
  3. Then select Application manager.
  4. Go to ALL tab.
  5. Click on the app that you want to disable.
  6. Select Disable.
  7. That’s all.

You should save up some memory and CPU resources by doing so. Enjoy a cleaner and faster Galaxy Note 3.


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