How to remove bloatware on HTC One X?

Why there are bloatwares on my HTC One X? Yes, this is the question you will ask after upgraded HTC One X system update 1.28.707.10. You will find bloatware like AMPed 2.0, deF!ND, Mobile TV, My SingTel, SingTel IDEAS and Starhub MUSIC there. No worry, just reboot your HTC One X. And these bloatware will be gone forever…

Nope, these bloatwares are still there in your HTC One X. But just disappear from apps drawer only. Actually, they exist from day 1 when you got your HTC One X. If you check on the built-in system application in All applications previously, you will find them. How to remove these bloatwares on HTC One X? Simple, just follow this guide to remove bloatware ~ How to disable built-in system application on HTC One X?


  1. The appropriate title for this article should be “How to hide bloatware from your app drawer”. It simply disables & hides them, done not uninstall them.


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