How to remove / block ads on Android?

No body like advertisements. I hate them too. Especially those in TV shows which took more than 5 minutes. Therefore, I seldom watch TV as we cannot do much on them. However, it is not true in Internet world. We are able to remove advertisements on PC. And now on Android phone too.

AdFree Android

Okay, first thing first. Your Android phone needs to be rooted. Check out this post ~ How to root Android 2.2 Froyo with 1 click? Basically, AdFree Android will replace your hosts file. It removes most ads in the browser and other apps. It does this by nullifying requests to known hostnames serving ads. As a result, you won’t see any ads when browsing Internet. And playing Angry Birds in ads free mode too. By the way, some of the Android builds for HTC HD2 already updated with this hosts file. So you won’t see ads too.

Download AdFree Android at Google Play Store here or APK here.


  1. I’ve rooted my S3 and downloaded the adfree but it doesn’t work… when I launch the app, it asks:

    boot normally or TCPdump Screen?

    I click on boot normally, it will give a fatal error.. Unable to get root… then it closes…

    TCPdump screen is empty… then it stays there like forever…

    any advice?

  2. Hey Jayce, I installed this and reboot after successful installation (The app prompted you are now ad free) then open yahoo mail app, I can still see an add below the window.

  3. I already click Download & Install Hosts then selected Use and received the “Success! Your Android device should now be AdFree, however you might need to reboot to clear your DNS cache.” message then reboot the phone.

  4. got a galaxy s3 cant find the apps adfree android …….do i need to root before i can find the application on google play…. thx


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