How to remove Onda V820w bloatware?

Onda V820w dual OS tablet PC comes with several bloatware on its Android platform. Luckily, Windows 10 does not have this issue. Anyway, it is possible to remove these pre-installed bloatware. But root access is required. No worry, you still can have them disable without root access. Basically, the end result is the same – inactive except these applications still take some disk space because they are not uninstalled. All Onda V820w bloatware can be installed and disabled without root access except Onda Launcher. If you really want to remove / disable it, please follow this guide to do so.

How to remove Onda V820w bloatware?

  • Please root your tablet by follow this guide first – How to root Onda V820w?
  • Download Disable Application [ROOT] from Play Store.
  • Use it to disable all bloatware like Onda Launcher.
  • That’s all.

Disable Application [ROOT]
Personally, I don’t recommend to remove those bloatware especially Onda Launcher because they can’t be restored back anymore. You need to flash a whole ROM if anything bad happened. Therefore, I highly recommend disabling them only since there have the same end result. No point to mess with it, right?



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