How to remove yellow triangle on Samsung Galaxy S2 without USB Jig? (Video)

After rooting Samsung Galaxy S II, a yellow triangle will show up at the bottom of Samsung Galaxy S2 Logo during boot up. The simplest way to remove yellow triangle on Samsung Galaxy S II ~ use micro USB Jig. However, USB Jig is not a common gadget that you can find in PC shop (I ordered mine from eBay). How to remove yellow triangle on Samsung Galaxy S2 without USB Jig? Check out below step by step video guide to find out. A long way to go but you can remove the sharp looking yellow triangle…


  • Odin3
  • CF-Root
  • Stock kernel

In short, you need to have stock kernel of the firmware that you are using. Flash it with Odin after you rooted SGS2. The stock kernel will remove the yellow triangle. Then re-flash kernel from CF-Root using CWM Manager. This will bring back ClockworkMod Recovery.

Note – You need a CF-Root that matches your Samsung Galaxy S2 kernel version. And stock kernel that matches your firmware.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Power on Samsung Galaxy S2.
  2. Connect USB cable to your phone.
  3. Download the correct CF-Root here.
  4. At PC, use 7-Zip to extract zImage (zip – tar – zImage) then copy it to sdcard.
  5. Download the correct stock kernel here.
  6. Extract stock kernel .tar file that you downloaded to Kernel folder.
  7. Remove USB cable from your phone.
  8. Then power off your phone.
  9. Press and hold down Volume Down + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
  10. Press Volume Up button when warning prompt.
  11. Odin download mode will be loaded.
  12. Connect USB cable to your phone.
  13. Bring up Odin3.
  14. Click on PDA.
  15. Select the .tar at Kernel folder.
  16. Click Start then.
  17. Remove USB cable from your phone when you see green PASS! at Odin3.
  18. After Android loaded, bring up CWM Manager.
  19. Select Flash kernel ~ Flash a kernel.
  20. Select zImage then click Flash.
  21. That’s all.

Yellow triangle will be removed and you still can access to ClockworkMod Recovery if all the steps are done correctly…

Download Odin3 v1.85 here.
Download CF-Root here.
Download official Samsung Galaxy S2 firmware and stock kernel here.


  1. Dear Jayce
    i did exactly how you wrote to delete the yellow triangle. But it’s still there when starting up my S2. I even did it several times but still the yellow triangle. Do you have an idea what went wrong? I’ve choosen the right Kernel and CF Root (XW _XEU_KE-2 Version) for my device and did exactly how you explained in your video…Can you help me?

    Thanks a lot for a answer.

    Greetings Daniel

  2. Hi Jayce.

    thanks for the help I am familiar with how to install any ROM in matter of fact have tried all ROMs
    so basically I am leveled up in that
    back to the point I did everything and it was ok same kernel+CF root for my GS2 anyway once It start to boot it keeps booting like forever whats the deal with it

  3. Hi there, I followed your all your steps and the yellow triangle does dissapear but when I got back into android both CWM manager and and superuser are gone. Any ideas? Thanks

      • I just read your comment. Thanks for the quick reply. I decided that having the yellow triangle didn’t bother me that much as it’s only cosmetic. I’ve now updated my galaxy s 2 to android 2.3.4 and installed villianROM 2.4.2 onto it. That said it would still be nice to get rid of the yellow triangle. Can I still do this with android 2.3.4 installed and also villianrom or would another method be needed? Is it still possible to do it using the usb jig if I purchased one? By using the method in your video or the usb jig would I have to reinstall villianrom after? Thanks for all your videos and help!

          • Yeah I’ve just purchased a usb jigg off Ebay so will save some hassle and do it that way. Once again thanks for all your help and your website, very appreciated!

  4. Hi joy, i rooted my galaxy s2 15 days ago. in start angry birds works fine, but now it lost its graphics. Can u suggest any way that it can work perfectly again. thanks in advance joy.

  5. Boss you are a real HERO….i did exactly what was mentioned in your article and it went perfectly right. NO yellow triangle and still CWM manager and SuperUser available to me.
    Jaycee you rocks !!!

  6. Followed your instructions to the letter but now triangle is gone and so is clockworkmod function. I mean its available when I’m running the phone and so is root but when I want to backup ROM with clockworkmod and it reboots, it stops saying: unable to verify and cant take ROM backup. Any ideas why this is happening ?

  7. Hi,

    I want to try and lose the triangle but I dont know which CF root should I use.
    My kernel is root@dell 103 #2 and I cant find it on the list. Which one should I use???

  8. hi,
    i also want to restore my stock kernel firmware and i purchased my phone in india.
    will your stock kernel work in an indian phone

  9. Dear Jayce,
    I did exactly how you wrote to delete the yellow triangle and works very well on my Galaxy. Now I no longer have yellow triangle and I have root on my phone . Thank you very much Jayce.

  10. Hey Jayce, i have the same issue but i have the i777 model…my screen says i9100 and there is a yellow triangle warning. Will this method work for that model? if not how would i get rid of it? Thanks in advance for helping! If possible please email me…

      • thanks for the reply because it means alot to me! i should tell u my situation… Starting off i am a total noob when it comes to rooting…. so i followed a guide to root a galaxy s 2 but the i9100 model….so i rooted it and then i realized that i did the wrong model since the touch buttons werent working and ll…so i looked for a i777 model and i followed that tut and rooted with the Clockworkmod and after i was done rooting evrything is fine….but the splash screen is still i9100 and yellow triangle and now i am also reading that u have to flash the roms back like mentioned in there….but i dont know what to do now i just want my device to be a normally rooted device with everything working like before….Please consider my noobyness and point me twords a step-bystep guide because i have already tried researching alot and i dont understand this stuff…. hank you for helping me so much.

  11. Hi Sifu,

    Im very very new to android and headache now. I’ve done all accordingly to your step, however i couldnt do from step 18 to 20. Is it harmful if i dont flash? The reason why is, the one you show in the video you are using the CWM manager and it seems like its a new version now which is ROM manager and couldnt find any Flash Kernel option. help to get a reply from u sifu!

    Thanks a lot

      • Hi. Mine is KI1 and unfortunately i couldnt find the model. somemore my kernel version is se.infra@SEI-22 which i am not sure whether mine is XW, XX or etc. Anyways, the yellow triangle is gone, wanna know whether could it harm my phone or not. thanks

  12. Hi Jayce!

    I have a problem with the stock kernel tar. file. My kernel is the xwke2 but when i try to zip them i get a zimage file and not a .tar file? I’ve tried different xdke2 nordic/uk and the stock which requires password to extract but all of them have been zimage. Odin does not recognise them att all. What am im doing wrong? I’ve tried with 7zip, winrar and winzip.

  13. Rooted and removed the yellow triangle:-) thanks man!
    So, what else do I need to do/download to complete this superuser experience?

  14. I have a USB Jig – if anyone in the Wigan area (J26, M6) brings their phone, they can make use of it to get rid of the yellow triangle.


  15. Hi Jayce,

    I want to upgrade my firmware with KIES(KE2 to KI4). I did a back up with KIES, do I need to do any back up? I mean all the photos, videos, contacts are in the back up but what about the games, apps etc?

  16. hi,
    will you please advice me which c-f root and stock kernal should i use to remove the yellow triangle from my samsung galaxy s2.the kernel version of my phone is you

  17. Hi Jayce,

    I bought a Galaxy S2 HD in korea and bring it here in Philippines. unfortunately I did something wrong while flashing the unit. we in turn it on it always goes to ODIN Mode (phone– ! — computer). Is it bricked? any recommedations to repair the phone? thanks

  18. hi
    i saw your video
    but can you help me how complete remove the cwm manager and superuser from my phone i tried factory data reset but it is not going please help

  19. my kernel version is :

    baseband version :

    which CF-ROOT and kernel version should i download ? pls , i want to remove the yellow triangle thing . it distracting me .

  20. This procedure really works! am very thankful for the infos.:)
    my only problem the battery drains fast while am on litening rom 6.1 🙁

  21. hello sir….i’m confused….i have a few questions….i have a GT-i9100 and i managed to install a custom ROM,lite’ning rom 6.1 and my phone is rooted, i believe….
    1. my baseband is I9100XXKH3…my kernel version is #20…what kernel and CF-Rot must i download to remove the yellow triangle?
    2. i did download the XXKH3 stock kernel and CF-Root(provided if its the correct one i need),the re was no .tar file in the CF-Root winrar file…there was another winrar file that will extract to a zImage file….

    please advise sir….thank you for your time…

      • i see….erm,while waiting for your reply,i actually already flashed the stock kernel…it worked,the yellow triangle is gone…but i noticed that my custom boot animation was replaced with the original boot animation…and im still running on lite’ning rom…other than that,all my apps are still there and nothing has been changed…does this mean that my phone is still rooted?are there any downfalls if i just leave my phone as such?

  22. hello again jayce..

    i need yr help to remove the yellow triangle.

    BUILD NUMBER:CheckROM Revolution v1.0

    Q1:What is the correct cf-root and correct stock kernal for it?

    Q2:As u notice that i am using custom rom so can i just follow the guideline prepared by u jayce?

  23. Hi Jayce…I’m using a Samsung SGH-I777 (AT&T Galaxy SII)…My phone got wet and it still works fine except that the speaker and microphone no longer work. I want to return it but I am currently running custom firmware. How can I reset it to stock and remove the yellow triangle without a jig before returning it?

    My current settings:

    Model number:
    Android Version:
    Baseband Version:
    Kernal Version:
    adodd@quadmonkey #205
    Build Number:
    UnNamed v1.0.4

    Thanks in advance!!!

  24. Hello Jayce,
    I want to root my phone,my firmware DXKI2 so to root it i must use CF ROOT CEKI2 because it was the nearest one,so to remove the yellow triangle which stock kernel i should use, DXKI2 or CEKI2?

  25. Thanks Jayce for your instruction,i managed to root my phone,can you tell which custom firmware should be install using odin and which one using CWM.Can you give a tips which custom firmware should be suit for a new user like me.Anyways thanks for all your effort making this blog really informative.

  26. Have you ever heard about Mobile Odin? It is available from Android Marketplace. Buy the Pro version. Worth the effort. I recently have this Yellow Triangle problem after using CF-Root. Then I used this Mobile Odin Pro [before that U need to root first. Try using Superuser OneClick. Much safer to root your Galaxy S2]. First flash your stock kernel [mine is DXKL3]. Then after your phone reboot, the yellow triangle gone for good. Flash again the kernel but this time select . This is for you to be able to use back your ClockworkMod Recovery. Any queries can sms me @ +6584981907. Thank you.

    • Hi Roslan, I just rooted my phone and i am having the yellow triangle problem now. Do you still have a copy of the DXKL3 stock kernel? all links on the internet seems to be dead =(

      If you do, please send it to my email @ chunkiat10 at hotmail
      thanks alot!!

  27. Hi, i upgraded my firmware through odin from 2.3.3 to 2.3.5 . I want to revert back to 2.3.3 so that i can update through kies. Im from singapore, can anyone give me some help im really really lost on how can i revert back to the old stock rom. thanks. your help is appreciated

  28. hi jayce, i’m using siyah kernel (cutom kernel) on my hd revol. is there any possibilities to remove the yellow triangle logo at the beginning without changing from custom kernel (siyah kernel) to stock kernel…please advice

    note: base on your instruction you need to flash the stock kernel using odin which will change the custom kernel



  29. I tried downloading the stock rom for DXKL3 but I am unable to extract. It claims to be corrupted and the files extracted is of 0 bytes.

  30. PLEASE HELP!!!!! my powerfull windows 7 pc cannot open odin3 v1.85!!! (it opens for 2 ms and i can manage to check that the upper left box is yellow, however as i said i cannot proceed with the further instructions! HELPPP 🙂

  31. I’m afraid this method is not working with ICS build, i’ve tried several times with every leaked firmware but that yellow triangle still annoying me. Hope you can find a new method.

  32. Hi Jay. My phone is SGS2 and my kernel version is DXKL3. I installed CWM in my phone. My problem is the Yellow Triangle. I tried to install the original kernel (as per your instruction) and yes the yellow triangle has been removed. But, the CWM was gone. My question is, how can i remove the yellow triangle but the CWM is still there? Can you pls help me?

  33. Hey Jayce
    i need to restore to the stock firmware and kernel and send my phone to the samsung service centre coz i have the unknown imei problem. i have the uxb jig and have downloaded the xwkl1 firmware and kernel from xda but i read somewhere that with the new bootloader the usb jig doesnt work completely i.e. it cant erase the custom binary count and cant remove the yellow triangle. The link for the old bootloader on intratech’s thread on xda isnt working! plz temme what should i do???

      • i got the old bootloader (via intratech’s thread on xda, the link is up again). i have read that flashing wrong bootloader is a sure way of bricking the phone…
        i have a cf-rooted gs2 (GT-I9100) running android 2.3.6 (xwkl1) firmware..
        is it safe to flash the old bootloader so that i can use the usb jig? and can i flash the new bootloader again after using the usb jig?

  34. i can’t download that stock kernel for u have another link that i can use to download the stock kernel…maybe hotfile or mediafire?

  35. I have that problem the yellow triangle thing but im so scared to remove it im afraid it will harm my phone i just want it back to normal again like it was from the beggining

  36. hi, jayce i would to use samsung kies to update my phone but it doesnt work.can you help me?
    about my phone
    Model number:Gti9100
    android 2.3.3
    base band I9100XXKDI
    kernel version

  37. I got gs2 hd lte (shv-e120s) and flash it using Odin with gs2 and did not work at all now and I need the full firmware but I don’t know where to download it

  38. I feel retarded, but how do I know which CF-root and kernel to download? Since I have the problem with the triangle it’s not like I can just start the phone and check.

  39. Yes, I followed that guide and now the logo show up without the triangle but nothing happens after that. The logo just stays there forever.

  40. Hey guys i have an easy solution to this problem. The other night i let my battery get too low and i put it on charge and while trying to charge the phone the battery symbol came up with a yellow ‘caution’ triangle. Tonight i pulled my phone battery out and put it on a standalone battery charger (it came in a pack i purchased off ebay for $20) and the battery charged and now the phone is working again. I strongly suggest to try this as it is very easy and inexpensive.

  41. Question, I just changed my ROM to ICS Remix v 9.7, so my kernel is now 3.0.15.I900XXLPH. my stock kernel was UHKE4. if i did the following steps(the odin thing esp), will it replace my kernel? if so will there be any problems?

  42. Dear Jayce everything worked fine for me but i need to get red of the yellow triangle my model is GT-I9100
    my kernel version is 3.0.15-I9100XXLBP-CL99600 and i don’t know what kernel should i flash with odin in order to get red of the yellow triangle can you please help me by guiding me to a specific download

  43. I want to find the right firmware for my galaxys2. I need stock firmware for 2.3.6 .
    Now i m on 4.0.3(not 4.0.6) and kernel is XXLPQ . I don’t know what was the kernel on 2.3.6.

    Hope you can help.

      • Cannot find a firmware android 2.3.6 for XXLPQ. XXLPQ is now that is running on 4.0.3
        I don’t know whats the kernel version for 2.3.6 .

        Know what i mean?

          • Now i am on 4.0.3 and my kernel version is XXLPQ .
            I want to downgrade my android to 2.3.6. I want the stock firmware(2.3.6).
            I don’t know for what kernel i should look for. since my kernel when i was running 2.3.6 was not XXLPQ. ??

              • Ok. i downloaded and rooted one of the 2.3.6 firmwares. XXKL1.. kernel is now XWKL1.
                Is there a way to turn phone back to stock kernel. unroot? but without wipe data? And what kernel should i use if there is.

                Thanks in advance.

                  • Hello again. I install back stock kernel. Mobile is still rooted. My data did not wipe. Only thing happened is the yellow triangle disappeared 😀

                    Thanks anyway Jayce.

  44. hy! my name is Adrian. Your method is very efective. If you follow the steps it works fine. Thanckyou very much. Sorry my english ( im from Romania)

  45. jayceoo…,

    i was searching the solution …to move my apps to sd card in ics 4.03.
    i followed ur method n nw my apps moved to sd card n in bonus dt yellow triangle also disappeared …thanks a lot brada….!! 🙂

  46. jayce…….

    wanna ask u jayce…… to remove counter binary?can u help me jayce?1 more question,what firmware good running for sgs2 gti9100?

  47. hai jayce… just want to ask u,can i install checkrom v6 to a rooted GTI900G?the phone have G letter at the end of phone is a G varient i think..

  48. hey i got xwkl1 but i cant find the stock kernal all the sites r broken can u give me another 1 plzzzzzz i rly need it

  49. hey jayce my device is xwkl1 and i cant find the stock kernal all the site links r broken so can u bring for me 1 ? plzzzz

  50. Hi Jayce,

    Would like to check with you now i unable to start phone with a Triangle yellow hazard on and off automatically, what should i do? even it unable to go to download mode for odin too…

  51. Hello Jayce,

    Greetings from Egypt 🙂

    I have the yellow triangle on my GS2 (after rooting). It has android version 4.0.3 and baseband I9100XXLPQ.

    My question is: if i flash my phone using Odin with the stock rom (XXLPQ) (.tar.md5 file) will this remove the yellow triangle and does it unroot the phone ?(remove CWM and SuperSU)?

    Thank you for the help,


  52. Hi jaycee,
    i’ve been using this procedure since i was from SGS2 gingerbread until ICS and it’s perfectly works effectively.
    Recently i found there’s an android app “triangle away”- use to remove the annoying yellow triangle during boot up..Hope you’re familiar with this. If so, what is the safest and recommended tools to apply between your procedure and this triangle away apps?
    pls advice..thanks


  54. Hey I have a Samsung galaxy s2 gt-19100g
    I tryed to root my phone last yr and well I did not no I had a g model 🙁
    After I did this my phone will not start up it will only go to the Samsung logo with the yellow triangle
    I plug it in to the computter but it dons not pick it up, I seen u gave a guy a website to go to but it was no help to me 🙁 if you or any one reading this could help or tell me a a site that can help I would be so happy !!

  55. Hi jaycee
    am planning to root my s2 to XWLPG firmware.and most likely a yellow triangle will appear.
    I fully understand the method you provided above. However my problem is that , i cannot find the correct stock XWLPG kernel at XDA . The only thing i found is the CF root.
    Any advice what to do or link where i can find stock kernel XWLPG? or should i use the usb jig instead or install triangle away apps?
    please advice. Thank you.

  56. hey jayce, my phone is currently is the yellow triangle state and wont boot up. in your video when u had the triangle the phone still booted. is my s2 bricked? i’m planning on getting the usb jig to clear things up and send it in for warranty. i will be using the old boot loader as my s2 is i9100 and on ics. any recommendations? i just got this phone as i was really enjoying. Also i did try to root the phone before all this happened.

  57. I tried rooting my ATT Galaxt S2 ICS 4.0.3 and I accidentally rooted my phone with the internation version, so now my search and back button do not work, and my home button is acting like the back button. I cannot find a way to take the root off my phone, they all fail in ODIN, and the buttons are not working. If you could help me get my phone back to stock, and a link to the correct root please!

  58. Hi. I am from Malaysia. Kernel version I9100DXLPB. Where can I find stock kernel to remove the triangle? Jayce, do you have any idea?

  59. Hello Jayce,
    I can’t understand on one of your step.
    13:Bring up Odin3.
    What do you exactly mean by that?
    And I can’t open my phone because there’re yellow triangle that doesn’t let me open my phone.
    Now,how should I know the correct CF root and the correct stock kernel?
    I can’t even restart my phone now.If you don’t mind,can you give me your USB JIG?
    I can’t find it anywhere and I don’t have credit card to buy it on Ebay 🙁
    I’m very sad if my dad know about this.
    I hope you reply.

  60. HI JAYCE afther i made the steps i got problem in the last is that the cwm done open and the other granted progrems from the super us all of them dont open afther i set the kernel i tried it 33 times and its the same result i rooted three times and tried to remove the triangle its removed but the programs of the superus dont work it opens ablack page and then afther some i get force close
    my sgs2 android (4.0.3) basband version (I9100XXLPX) kernel version (I9100XWLPF) i used the xwlpf cf root and the same for kernal so i hope u help me some plz

  61. my GT-I9100 S2 does not aceepting any firmware via odin3 in download mode
    i tried usb jig and it didn’t reset the binary counter .coz there is no boot loader ..
    i tried to downlad the old bootloader and flash it but it never completes ..
    there’s no clockword mode either and the phone continue to restart looping and there is a yellow triangle ..


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