How to remove yellow triangle on Samsung Galaxy S2?

If you install custom firmware on Samsung Galaxy S II, a yellow triangle will show up at the bottom of Samsung Galaxy S2 Logo during boot up. How to remove yellow triangle on Samsung Galaxy S2? The simplest way, get yourself a Micro USB Jig. Then use it to put Samsung Galaxy S2 into Odin download mode.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Power off your phone.
  2. Plug in Micro USB Jig to Samsung Galaxy S II.
  3. Odin download mode will be loaded.
  4. Reboot your phone then.
  5. That’s all.

Yellow triangle at Samsung Galaxy S2 boot up screen will be removed after you plug in USB jig. Isn’t that as simple as ABC?


  1. Jayce seriously!! Im loving your site man..thanks for all the post basically my SGS2 follows every bit of your build in every post…really appreciate make it simple to me and all the other new android user to follow rather than trying to understand short forms and terms used in other android or smart phone forums like xda..Glad to be part of the rooting society…thanks man!

  2. I bought a USB JIG and followed your instructions, but the yellow triangle is always there and also the counter is always at five.
    I had this last installed GT-I9100_NEE_I9100XWKI4_I9100OXXKI2_I9100XXKI1 from Intratech.
    I also downgraded to XXKH3 XXKI1 XAKH3 and is the same result. Could you help me?
    Thank you a lot! Roberto

  3. Hello Jayce,
    I’m so happy I found your website, I think I almost read every comment., but I can’t fix my problem.. I tried to root my phone, I have a BOKE3. I downloaden the insecure and the orginal here:
    and those links: GT-I9100_BOKE3_insecure – GT-I9100_BOKE3_insecure and GT-I9100_BOKE3_original – GT-I9100_BOKE3_original (you can find them with ctrl f) πŸ™‚
    I had USB debugging checked on, and I turn it of. I get it in download mode and plugged in into my computer. with odin I installed the BOKE3 insecure succesfully, and It started up my phone. then I used the S2Root 1.5.1 program, and I rooted it succesfully. I also got that superuser app in my system. then I turned my phone off, and I started up the clockworkmod. I deleted al data etc. then I turned it off, and get it back in download mode.
    then I installed clockworkmod recovery, from
    but I believe I should first installed the orginal BOKE3… but I forget because of my enthusiastmen. Then I started up my phone, and everything was ok. I wanted to install the miuiandroid ROM, and I set the .zip file on my SD card. I turned it off, and deleted all data. then I went to install zip file from sd card, and I installed the Miuiandroid succesfully. I turned it of, and started it up. but it didn’t pass the blackscreen with the white galaxy s2 GT-I9100 letters.. It just stay on that screen, after a few hours it was still on that screen.
    I turned it back off, get into download mode and installed the BOKE3 orginal with odin. that was succesfully. but when I try to turn it of it have still the same problem!!!
    I tried to install the BOKE3insecure.tar, don’t know what I could do else. get it into download mode, odin is connected but when I press the start buttom, but after a few minutes I get the message: FAIL! instead of PASS. in the message menu in odin you can only see this: Added!!
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:8)..
    File analysis..
    I really don’t know how to fix this..
    earlier this month I got the problem that my phone didn’t connected well with my computer, just for a few seconds. but I fixed it,, with this film:
    looks stupid but it worked for me. I think I got the same problem now but, I can only fix it when my phone is on….
    I really hate myself know. I am just 15, and I spend one year money on my phone. I hope you got a fix for my…. and otherwise can I fix it by give it to a repairer who can replace some hardware or something??? I’m so sad. πŸ™
    thanks for your time Jayce! πŸ˜‰

  4. Hi, I rooted my phone using your intructions and now I have the triangle…..I bought a jig off ebay but when I plug it in, it shows factory mode and not odin mode and it doesnt remove the triangle from boot.

    firmware I have is 2.3.4

    Kernel version – root@DELL143 #2

    can you help?

  5. Excuse me, Jay
    I purchased a USB jig ebay
    But, when i follow the method above, my s2 i9100 stuck at the download mode and the triangle sign still there after i take off the battery to reboot my phone

    Currently, s2 KF1 samsung kies to KL3
    and then CF-root KL3

  6. hello i had the same problem but didnt put custom firmware on it ….. i went mad and pressed some buttons and it goed in the odin mode Without the usb jig :S i dont know what went wrong i did not put custom firmware on my phone … can some one explain ?

  7. why does every one wants new firmware ? whats wrong with ur original firmware … iam not so smart with this but i fixed a problem with luck without knowing what i did …can some one help me and explain what the advantage is with a new firm ware ….. iam sorry for my bad englsih iam from holland

  8. Hi Jayceooi

    I’m having the same problem with removing the yellow triangle with the usb jig like last time…except Ive now got ICS installed.

    I have installed the old bootloader like last time when I had gingerbread but it is still going into Factory mode instead of odin mode when I put the usb jig in.

    is there a new bootloader for ICS? to get rid off the yellow triangle?


  10. Hello, i was trying to root with odin, it failed, tried again and it stuck at “setup connection”. I have tried everything on earth to try to re-enter download mode, but cannot get it to anything except show a phone with dots leading to a yellow triangle with an exclamation point followed by two dots leading to a pc. Odin still recognizes it and tries to work when i attempt to put the stock rom back on, but fails every time. i’m at my wits end..any suggestions would be extremely appreciated …

  11. hi jayce!,
    i=another newbie here….i show a white triangle with an exclamation point in it on my s2…do i use the same procedures in deleting a yellow triangle?…also, what is a usb jig and where can i get one?….thnx!


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