How to restore stock firmware on Nexus 7? (Video)

How to restore stock firmware on Google Nexus 7? That’s the question you will ask when want to return Nexus 7 to Asus for warranty claim. Your Nexus 7 warranty might be voided if you leave Nexus 7 bootloader unlocked or have unofficial stuffs like rooted Nexus 7, custom firmware, ROM and kernel. Therefore, we need to remove all unofficial stuffs and lock Nexus 7 bootloader back. No worry, just follow below step by step video guide to restore stock firmware on Nexus 7. Everything will be back just like the very first time you power on Nexus 7.


  • Google Nexus 7 ToolKit
  • Nexus 7 adb & fastboot drivers
  • Nexus 7 factory image

Note – Restore stock firmware on Nexus 7 will delete everything on your Nexus 7. Do backup all your applications and data with Titanium Backup or make a full system backup with Nandroid (CWM) before proceed. And make sure that Google Nexus 7 ToolKit and Nexus 7 adb & fastboot drivers are installed properly. Finally, have Nexus 7 factory image ready.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Make sure that USB Debugging Mode is enabled.
  3. Connect USB cable to Nexus 7.
  4. At PC, make sure that Nexus 7 factory image is in C:\Google Nexus 7 ToolKit\put_google_factory_image_here folder.
  5. Launch Google Nexus 7 ToolKit then.
  6. Select 9. Download, Extract + Flash Google Factory Stock ROM.
  7. Then select 2. Flash Google Factory Image.
  8. Select No to reboot to Fastboot Mode.
  9. Stock Nexus 7 firmware will be restored then.
  10. After that, a fresh Android OS will be loaded.
  11. Follow on-screen instructions to setup it.
  12. Enable USB Debugging Mode again.
  13. At Google Nexus 7 ToolKit, select 3. UnLock or Re-Lock your BootLoader.
  14. Select 2. Re-Lock Bootloader.
  15. Select No to reboot to Fastboot Mode.
  16. Nexus 7 bootloader will be locked back.
  17. Power off and power on Nexus 7.
  18. That’s all.

Yeah… Your Nexus 7 should be back to stock firmware after you done everything as above. No need to worry about warranty claim now.


  1. Hello

    I am not new to rooting. I have done this on my LG 2x many times.. and loaded many Roms from xda.

    I used superoneclick and easy tools. are there any such tools for nexus 7 ?

    Also what are the real uses for rooting? I want to root but I dont know why should I ?
    I did on LG since the OS was not great and slow.

  2. WOW worked perfect for me.. I was stuck on boot mode.. I was rooted and unlocked.. this was FREAKIN AWESOME .. THIS WORKING JUST MADE SO HAPPY :)) THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR THIS.


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