How to restore stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy Note 2? (Video)

I like Samsung Android devices because they have unlocked bootloader. Same apply to Samsung Galaxy Note II. So that you can modify it with whatever you prefer like install custom kernel, ROM, theme, firmware… However, install these unofficial stuffs will void warranty ~ custom binary download will increase, current binary and system status to custom in Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Odin Download Mode. No worry, you can always restore to stock Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to recover warranty back. Reset custom binary download to No, current binary to Samsung Official and system status to Official. And Device status from Modified to Normal (Settings – About device – Status). It will be like a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 like you turn on it for the very first time. How to do so? Please refer to below step by step video guide to know more…


  • Triangle Away
  • Odin3
  • Stock Firmware

Step by Step Guide

  1. Launch Triangle Away.
  2. Grant it root access if prompted.
  3. Download latest update if prompted.
  4. And following on screen instructions by pressing OK.
  5. Select Reset flash counter.
  6. Press Continue when ! DANGER ! warning prompted.
  7. It will boot into Triangle Away boot mode then.
  8. Press Volume Up to reset counter and status.
  9. Power off Samsung Galaxy Note 2 when Android OS loaded.
  10. Press and hold down Volume Down + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
  11. Press Volume Up button when warning prompt.
  12. Odin download mode will be loaded.
  13. Custom binary download should be No, current binary to Samsung Official and system status to Custom.
  14. Connect USB cable to your phone.
  15. At PC, extract firmware .tar (or .tar.md5) file that you downloaded to Firmware folder.
  16. Then bring up Odin3.
  17. Click on PDA.
  18. Select the .tar (or .tar.md5) at Firmware folder.
  19. Click Start then.
  20. Remove USB cable from Galaxy Note 2 when you see green PASS! at Odin3.
  21. Let the first boot installation go through.
  22. You might face boot loop issue on second boot (stuck at Samsung Logo).
  23. Press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
  24. Do so until you see SGN2 Logo. Release all buttons then.
  25. Android system recovery will be loaded.
  26. Go to wipe data/factory reset with Volume Up / Down buttons.
  27. Select it with Power (or Home) button.
  28. Then select Yes — delete all user data.
  29. After that, select reboot system now.
  30. Android OS will be loaded.
  31. Then follow phone onscreen instructions to setup.
  32. Go to Settings.
  33. Select About device.
  34. Build number should be the same as the firmware that you installed.
  35. That’s all.

If everything goes smoothly, your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 should be loaded with stock firmware. And with custom binary download = No, current binary = Samsung Official and system status = Official in Odin mode. No worry about warranty claim now as no body knows what you did last summer.

Download Triangle Away here.
Download Odin3 v3.04 here.
Download official Samsung Galaxy Note 2 firmware here.