How to return defective hard drive for replacement?

After you diagnostic faulty hard drive and discovered it was defective. Then it is time to return it back for replacement if still under warranty. Most of the hard drives come with 3 years limited warranty, but certain computer retail shop only covers for the 1st year. Therefore, you need to send it back on your own. How to return defective hard drive for replacement? Simple, just file a RMA request and process from there. Of course, you need to test it with hard drive diagnostic tool first. And make sure that it is really defective before sending it back…

Before return defective hard drive back, do backup all the important data first if still can. And wipe all the sensitive data with full format. Finally, pack it well according to hard drive manufacturer guideline.

Here are the warranty and return links for hard drive manufacturers ~ Seagate, Western Digital and SAMSUNG.


  1. As you said, it’s simple. This article’s pretty much all common sense so I’m not sure what the point was. Why not include some information about effective methods for wiping a drive?


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