How to set HTC HD2 owner information?

How to set HTC HD2 owner information? This is a question that every HTC HD2 owner will ask including me. Why we need this owner information? There are certain applications like Resco Explorer or games need owner information to generate serial number in order to register. Therefore, HTC HD2 owner information is a must key in value. Hmm… How to enter it then? There are 2 ways to set it ~ the simple way and the hard way. I am not going to teach you the hard way which require registry editor or tweak to enable the owner information then set it. Let’s do the easy way…

Go to People tab and click on ‘All People’

Click on ‘Me’ ~ My contact card
Enter your first and last name

Well, that’s it. As simple as ABC. HTC HD2 owner information == Jayce Ooi for my case. Hope this guide will help you solve your problem too on software or games installation.


    • Good. I use it to surf Internet, play games, listen MP3, watch movie, take photo and use apps like facebook, twitter and GPS. Still need to explore more into it. Not a perfect phone for everyone but it is good for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. err, might be a stupid question, but where is the people icon / tab / option. I dont have / cant find any such thing on my phone…

  2. Hey Jayce, thank for the info. That has to be the best presented, uncomplicated advice/help I have received in a long time. Must appreciated!

  3. Another way: get registry editor, then open local machine->control panel->owner. For group and hide set 0 values. After that, restart Your device, go to settings->personal-> and there will be Owner Information. By the way, i suggest You to write Your name AND surname in field called Name – like: Bob Chainer.

  4. How do you enter OWNER Information on a locked wallpaper. I owned the HTC Wing and misplaced it before, I only got it back because it was locked and OWNER information was displayed, with home phone number, when the phone was turned on. Otherwise how would an honest know how to return the phone if lost.

  5. Thank you for this — I needed to register SKTools, which required the owner information to be set. But as you know, on the HTC HD2 the owner information setting is hidden.

    That’s ok, I thought, because SKTools has a Registry Editor so I’ll just unhide the entry using a registry hack. But then I discovered that an unregistered version of SKTools (the application that I’m trying to register!) will only show 6 entries, which isn’t enough to edit the Owner key in the registry! So I was back at the beginning!

    So your top-tip has just helped me a great deal, thank you.


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