How to set HTC HD2 system sound as default for volume rocker

Err… I am not sure what have I done. My HTC HD2 does not show up system sound as default but ring volume instead when press on the volume rocker. How to set it as system sound by default?

First, you need to get system and ring volume control separated, this can be done in Setting – Sound & Display. Turn off the Single volume (Use single ring/system volume). I usually set ringer to 100% and play around with system sound only. To set system sound by default when pressing volume rocker, you need change 1 registry setting. Use free Windows Mobile Registry Editor to change the value below. And soft reset after edit.

[pull_quote_center]HKLM\Software\HTC\VolumeOverlay — DefaultPage == 0[/pull_quote_center]

Well, that’s it.


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