How to solve boot loop issue on Samsung Galaxy S2?

Help, my Samsung Galaxy S II has boot loop issue after I installed custom firmware!!! Err… This is the first time that I faced boot loop issue on my Samsung Galaxy S2. Yes, right after I factory data reset the newly installed Lite’ning ROM v5.0. Seem like Lite’ning ROM v5.0 can’t survive factory data reset from phone and I tried to wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache partition with ClockworkMod Recovery also did not help. Reinstall Lite’ning ROM through Odin again also does not help to solve boot loop issue. No worry, here is the step by step guide to solve boot loop issue on Samsung Galaxy S2.


  • Odin3
  • Stock Firmware

How to solve boot loop issue on Samsung Galaxy S2?

  1. Press and hold down Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
  2. Release all buttons when you see SGS2 Logo.
  3. ClockworkMod Recovery or stock Recovery Mode will be loaded then.
  4. Select wipe data/factory reset.
  5. Then select Yes β€” delete all user data.
  6. Turn off your phone after that.
  7. Press and hold down Volume Down + Home + Power buttons at the same time.
  8. Press Volume Up button when warning prompt.
  9. Odin download mode will be loaded.
  10. Connect USB cable to your phone.
  11. At PC, extract the stock firmware .tar file that you downloaded to Firmware folder.
  12. Then bring up Odin3.
  13. Click on PDA.
  14. Select the .tar at Firmware folder.
  15. Click Start then.
  16. Remove USB cable from your phone when you see green PASS! at Odin3.
  17. That’s all and enjoys the stock firmware.

Your Samsung Galaxy S2 should not have boot loop issue after install the stock firmware. Everything is back to normal again. Cheer…

Download Odin3 v1.85 here.
Download official Samsung Galaxy S2 firmware here.


          • yeah jayce i wipe the data and cache in recovery aswell…well i bought my s2 last year i never updated or rooted was on same android version when i frst use it aftr unboxing…it was 2.3.3 i guess..i just factory reset it and clear data frm sd card in privacy….after i did it my phone restarts and frm then on it has loop issuee..actually i have tried every thng i found on intrnt about flashing stock roms via odin…i have tried numbr of roms wth single file and 3 file method even i have tried a stock flash rom I9100XXKI3….actually my phone is not flashing the rom i guess by odin..odin shows everythng is done properrly like not a sngle issue wth the odin but in real my phone i thnk not allowing to flash the rom every tym i flash i still got bootloop issue..m very tense and people saying ur bootloader is crashed and u cnt do anythng except to repair its hardware πŸ™ i dnt wanna unseal my s2 πŸ™

          • in download mode my phone is showing
            product name: gt-i9100
            custom binary download:no
            current binary: samsung official

            i have done proper flashing of various stock roms aftr bootloop issue but in real my phone doesnt flash any rom πŸ™

  1. So, I have followed everything step by step and some reason I am still getting the loop. Any other possible fixs. I have the stock fireware and I also have a image file. Maybe Ill try that

  2. hi jayce. i extracted the stock firmware of GT-I9100_XME_I9100XWKF1_I9100DXKF1_I9100OLBKE5 but i haven’t found a .tar file in the extracted firmware folder. also, i extracted the Kernel_I9100XWKF1 but it requires a password. would you happen to know what it is?
    hope to hear from you soon. thanks.

  3. Hi, just did all that was recommended and my phone still has the problem. even after uploading the stock firmware to it?
    galaxy s2.

    can you help?

  4. hi jayce. HELP. just like radi, i have the same problem. i did everything that was instructed but i am still stuck to the same screen–SGS2 balck screen (without the yellow triangle). prior to it happening, i upgraded to CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXA_KI3-42-v4.2-CWM4 from the v.4.1 so i can use the XXKI3_JKay_CFC_GreenEdge_Deluxe_ThemeV11_deodexed. neither v.4.1 nor v.4.2 did anything for the deodexed theme. when my phone rebooted, it is now stuck to the black screen i was telling you about. what should i do?

  5. i used odin & put back the stock firmware (KI3) and since it was stuck on black screen, i used the OLD BOOTLOADER (KI3) but to no avail. my phone is still stuck to the same black screen.

  6. how can i do that now that i am still stuck to the black screen even if i restored my phone to stock firmware? how do i get out of the black screen of SGS2?

  7. i already did that, and also wiped the data/factory reset. i turned my phone off for awhile, and when i turned it on again, it still shows SGS2 black screen & stays that way (unless i turn the phone off).

    • Hmm… You should be able to back to stock firmware after wiped data and cache. Just to double confirm, is your firmware tar file is fine (not corrupted)?

  8. sir jayce i have a facing a boot happen when i factory reset through settings my samsung galaxy s2 with checkrom revolutionHD v 2.0.0 and with a kernel of siyah v 2.0 rc3.. it happens when i factory reset the phone.. now i cant get to clockworkmod recovery or even the stock recovery..what should i do? il wait for your reply! tnx!

  9. i cant boot to recovery mode.. i read that installing a firmware the automatically wipes data would help.. is XXKI3 suitable? and also find Villainrom 1.1 the same? can that help? tnx!

  10. Jayce,

    This week I’ve root my SGS2, but then there was the yellow triangle.
    I bought a usb jig but no success, still the yellow triangle!

    The firmware is 2.3.4.

    Can this be the problem, how to solve this?



  11. Jayce,

    I have 2 downloads through XDA as you told me.
    The old and new bootloader, but how can I set and reset these on my sgs2?



  12. hello. you helped me earlier with the appropriate kernel.

    however, i believe i flashed cyanogenmod incorrectly onto my samsung galaxy s2 (international) i have tried loading the stock firmware and i am unable to get phone to boot up.

    it stays stuck on an empty battery screen. whenever i try to go into cwm it stays stuck on the downloading screen and does not go into recovery.

    please advise on what to do. thank you sooo much.

  13. need help can get out of samsung screen follow to wipe cache and everything loaded official and still same message.. please help me

  14. my samsung s2 .. stuck on loading screen follow your steps . still not working for me.. when i press home+down+home and then press up its says 2 binary. tried to reload orginal fw . still did not work for me. how can i fix this.. please help

    • So your problem is boot loop, right? Please provide more info in order for me to understand better.

      1.Did you wipe data with ClockworkMod Recovery or stock Recovery Mode?
      2. Which firmware did you try to install?

  15. yes boot loop. yes tried already to load official fw. and it said on the android system recovery is cant access to ‘/system/csc/glb/system/’ .Firmware i installed is the ki2 version earlier but was successful.
    i was trying to install the cyanogen when this happen.
    already follow the steps posted above and wont work. πŸ™

    Fw: i installed is the ki2 version earlier but was sucessful.
    what should i do??

  16. Hi Jayce,
    Nice guide posted.

    But It didn’t solved my problem. Can you please help me?
    I have samsung galaxy s2 with current firmware version: PDA:KF4 / Phone:KF2 / CSC:KF1(H3G).
    I tried to update XWKK5 from, and got the boot loop. My phone stuck on Samsung Galaxy SII logo.

    I tried to flash stock firmware with odin 1.85. Firmware i used is GT-I9100_H3G_I9100XWKF4_I9100NEKF2_I9100H3GKF1.tar

    I can not enter recovery mode by vol up + menu + power. I can only enter Download mode, and odin can flash any firmware successfully. But none of the firmware solved boot loop. I also tried to flash Villianrom1.1 with odin, but no success.

    Can you please help me?

    Thanks in Advance.

  17. It’s just a single .tar file with no .pit file inside.
    I have downloaded 2-3 firmware packages and all have same pit file : u1_02_20110310_emmc_EXT4.pit

    It is same in all packages. So Can i use it with XXKI3 that you suggested? How do i flash with a .pit file. Need to tick re-partition and select PDA?

  18. hi jayce.. got some prob here…i try to search in this forum but failed..

    my problem is .. after i flash my sgs2 with cWm phone got the warning icon…but sometime..cWm i wipe data and install Custom ROM..after that .. it like softbrick..and now i stuck at boot and cant enter cWm anymore.. any help ? THX

  19. Hi,

    I have this same problem looping on boot screen but really dont want to do anything that will wipe everything from my phone. Is there anyway i can do anything that will enable me to keep all my pictures and videos or a way to get them off the phone another way?

    Hope someone can help me as i’ve got all my holiday pictures on there!

  20. hello
    it seems i’vethe bootloop problem aswel. I dit what you sayd. but if I connect my phone to the computer and he doesn’t pick my phone or something: they don’t connect…
    does anyone know what to do?
    please help!

    (sorry for my bad english, i’m dutch)

  21. Hey
    i rooted my Samsung GSII (GT I9100) and flashed the Galnet MIUI ICS Stable, the install was successful but my phone gets stuck at the MI boot screen.

    The download mode and recovery mode are working…odin is detecting the phone when connected to the pc. I have the back up files taken from CWM on my external sd (and also on my pc) any way i can restore it from that?

    Please suggest me what to do? i wanna go back to stock ROM.

    before flashing i had the XWKL1 firmware

  22. good day sir, i followed all the instruction listed above. but after that, it is still stock in samsung galaxy s2 logo. what shall i do?

  23. Can u please help me? after i overclock my galaxy s2, it bootloop and cant restart it.when i go to recovery mode it says
    E:Can’t mount / cache / recovery /log
    E:Failed to mount /cache (no such file or directory)
    E:Failed to mount / efs (no such file or directory)

    Please help me.

  24. Hi,
    So i want to doenload the stock firmware, but now megaupload is offline, i can’t.
    Do you know were else i can download it?
    Please reply

  25. hey when i plug my device into the computer its not recognising it. I understand that normally you would select usb debugging but obviously i can’t because its in the loop. what should i do? and yes i have kies installed. thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  26. My Galaxy S2 corrupted on an official release in Kies so I used Odin to flash it back to 2.3.3 and now it comes up with the following errors

    e: failed to mount /sd card (unknown error: 0)
    your storage is not prepared yet
    cant access to /system/csc/cpw/

    I havent tried installing clockworkmod recovery as not sure if that will help? Pls Help!!!

  27. hello, i am also experiencing a boot loop, i never upgraded the firmware, it happens to reboot only when i listen to music, this is so annoying!!! do you have any solutions or explanation to that? thanks in advance.

  28. oh, thank you. Another quick question i know it doesn’t concern this topic of discussion, how do i download kies on my pc? i have been trying to look for it on the samsung website but i can’t find my way. Do you have any direct link to it?

  29. My s2 stuck at the splash screen after I accidentally moved some system file to sd card. Is there any way to solve this solve boot loop issue on Samsung Galaxy S2 without erasing all the data in the phone?

  30. tried to update to ics viw new android advices without rooting phone it didt work …. now the phne wont come on

  31. hey can you help me with my problem??

    okay so i flashed a custom rom on my sgs2 and worked fine… i wanted to overclock it and downloaded the .tar file and flashed it via odin.. odin shows PASS and a green background.. however since my phone rebooted it is stuck in the sgs2 logo.. i can still enter dl mode and recovery mode. help please

  32. friend..please help me ..i tried to install i c s on my sgs2 i9100g but it becomes more problem for me i lost everything it showing now only a’ triangular yellow warning logo’ so please help me to restore back again with 2.3.6 os…i m waiting for your advise

  33. hi, im unable to open my samsung galaxy s2…..i tried all the way it says….sometime SGS2 logo appears but not goin any further…..

  34. Jayce, my SGS 2 is having reboot loop problem recently. I’m still using the stock ICS 4.03. What cause it this way is likely from the large amount of apps I install in my phone (I search this issues and found this reason as I never install any custom ROM). My phone is rooted. I haven’t backed up my data yet πŸ™
    Sometimes my phone will work after I lt it cooling down, sometimes It takes some efforts like uninstall some apps and let it off, then turn it on again. The problem will cease to happen if I unmount or plug out the SD Card. Guess u have heard this kind of issue, haven’t u?
    Any suggestion?

  35. Hey Jayce, expert needed. I have a bootloop on my sgs2 but this time it will not go into recovery mode (up+home+power) but will go into download mode. I was on the official ICS update in the UK prior to it crashing and it’s an I9100.

    I get how to use Odin as it seems simple enough, I’m just struggling to find the correct firmware for it and there was talk of flashing the kernal over too on one site. Is there a simple way to fix my bricked phone e.g links I can use to download the correct stuff?


  36. Hi sir, its my first time to root my galaxy s2, running on 4.0.3.. i found a video on youtube on how to root your phone.

    now my phone does not start up, when i turn it on, the samsung i9100 and a triangle appears, then a logo with ics written on it, siyah kernel.. but does not start up..

    is my phone bricked? or is it boot looped?? PLS help.. Thank you..

  37. Hi, my phone is stuck at the Galaxy S2 logo. I can’t get into recovery mode or ODIN mode. Is there any other way that i can flash the stock rom back ?

  38. I have tried these steps numerous times. I flashed a Rom a long time ago and I sent the phone to a friend. He now has a new phone and the phone will not come from Boot loop it shows a samsung label then shuts off and vibrates in a looping fashion. The screen remains black but the phone still vibrates. I really want to have it unrooted and running the stock T-mobile Jellybean software. Please help.

  39. Not at all. It doesn’t stay “still” long enough for the program in Odin to read it as soon as it goes into download mode it loops again. I’ve tried seriously over 40 times. I hate to discard it.

  40. I see you are still replying here, so I might as well try to find help here. Here is my problem

    Quoting myself “Edit: Okay I tried again(flashing kernel), now with the newest stable Siyah kernel “Siyah-s2-v5.0.1″. This time it either loops in boot or stops at the Siyah logo. ”
    Should I try stock kernel? If so which one, all I know is that it was ice-cream os and XEO.
    I would like to try everything before wipe… actually I can’t even get to that screen.
    Thanks, Tib.

  41. Hi joyce, i have been using resurrection remix version 2.6 ICS custom rom for quite a long period of time, suddenly while i was using the mobile, it literally got hanged. Then, when I off and on, it is loading soo long but didn’t enter the main menu.
    I tried entering to CMWR then i receiving this error as below:

    E: Can’t mount /cache/recovery/command
    E: Can’t mount /cache/recovery/log
    E: Can’t open /cache/recovery/log
    E: Can’t mount /cache/recovery/last_log
    E: Can’t open /cache/recovery/last_log

    Can i knw what is the exact problem and how to solve it??

  42. the rom is not starting up also. so i cant use titanium backup to perform backups. its just loadin until ICS then nthng happens. the phone just get hot. and Now my phone cant even on. means there is no display but whn i press my “ON” button and wait awhile, the phone tend to get hot as well.

  43. sir, i have bootloop problem in my galaxy ace,,
    i tried clockmod recovery and also install official rom (both single and multi file installation) through odin…
    but i have bootloop problem, it shows
    E: can’t mount/data (invalid argument)
    E: can’t log

    pls, help me to solve this??

  44. Thank you so much for the instructions! Whew! I got the scare of my life while working on my S2. I was trying to install CM11, it keeps aborting (don’t know why), and I got stuck at CWM Recovery. It wouldn’t boot and I really thought I had bricked my phone! It’s 1:30AM, I’m glad I can go and have a nice and peaceful sleep….. Thank you so much!

  45. This is going to erase all my data….. Cant let that happen.
    Can you please help me. My s2 is stuck in boot loop and keeps on going. And i have a lot of my kid’s pics on the phone memory. Cant do a erase data on my phone.

    I will be really thankfull for any help in this regards.

    Thanks and regards,

    • In case anyone comes across this post- the solution here would be to install cwm recovery. It has the option to mount your sd0 (internal memory), enabling you to connect to pc and copy important files (like photos) directly. You can then factory reset once your files are safely stored on your computer.


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