How to tint car windows?

There are car window tinting brand like V-KOOL, 3M, Hüper Optik, LLumar, ECOTINT, Solar Gard, Air Cool, Armorcoat in Malaysia. Giving the top 5 Benefits of Window Film for Automotive, you should tint your car windows. Any brand that you like but how to tint car windows? Check out video below to find out more about car windows tinting process…

By the way, car lovers like you and me should not tint our car windows by ourselves. We should leave it to the professional. They are well trained and able to do the task better than us. I let Neuton Car Accessories’ professional to tint my Honda City’s car windows. And the result is great. They also provides wide coverage of car accessories ranging from simple air refresheners to quality tyres and high-end car audio systems. And also specialise in car maintenance as services like tyre balancing and wheel alignment.

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