How to turn Android phone into iPhone?

Hey mom, I got myself an iPhone 5. And it is equipped with latest iOS 5 with notification bar on top. Yeah… Android is so good in customization. I just turned my Samsung Galaxy 2 II into iPhone 5 with the help of Espier Launcher. It even has iOS multi-tasking task bar at the bottom. Trust me, normal users will think that your Samsung Galaxy S2 Android phone is an iPhone 5 with bigger screen. Wakaka…

Espier Launcher

Espier Launcher Features

  • Similar with desktop layout and icons of iPhone 4/iPhone 4S.
  • Support dynamic icons, such as calendar, SMS, phone and other icons, dynamically display the date, the number of unread messages or missed calls.
  • Create and edit folders by fast way.
  • Easy Desktop Editing: press and hold any icon into desktop editing mode.
  • Support for adding shortcuts on the desktop.
  • Applications Access Control: user must input patterns or digital password to start applications.
  • Support a variety of icon sorting method.
  • Support for Desktop Searching: you can easily search for applications, contacts, SMS, e-mails and so on.
  • Support for Desktop configuration restore/backup.

Of course, Espier Launcher only changes the look of your Android phone. You still can’t install and use any iOS application or games. Get a real iPhone instead…

Download Espier Launcher at Android Market here.


  1. cool! I can’t wait to get Samsung Galaxy S2! After Iphone 4S available in Malaysia, dunno S2 price will drop or not.. I’m so confused which phone to get.. 4S got great camera and also lots of apps. But S2 got nice big screen i like a lot.. But dun have that much money for iphone XD

      • Digi? But now phone price drop d. become not really worth. and digi line sucks le. i dun wanna waste money ahah anyway, at home and office also got wifi. can online anytime. so, S2 better? when will the price drop i wonder.. can’t wait to buy haha

    • Hey the S2 have a great camera as well. It has the exact same specs as the 4s. The iphone is overrated, and I suggest you to get an S2 as the android market is constantly getting new apps everyday.

      • really? but i’ve seen sample pic taken with 4s very very nice leh.. I thought iphone camera is better.. lol like that S2 more worth! dunno if the S2 price will drop after 4s and galaxy note when is available in Malaysia..

  2. Getting a Smart Phone is never like yesteryears, where one can switch easily to one model or brand to another.

    It’s a platform thing, similar to Windows Mac OS.

    Those time and money we’ve invested in one platform, it’s hard to justify for an easy switch.

    Unless, people is using a Smart Phone like a dumb phone, or getting all “free” stuffs for the phone.

    The future is about digital and intellectual properties – fewer farmers, hawkers and fishermen.

    Respect and pay for what should be paid. Getting everything free will only jeopardize our future generations.

  3. Sorry but I have to ask… Why in the world you would want to turn any android device into gayPhone in the first place?
    I have seen way better icons that xPhone/Pad/Pod have so Apple icons and look is nothing new. Its actually aeon and half old, and its alive only thanks to posers that thinks having xPhone is hype…
    Just my 2 cents…


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