How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for free?

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note II for free? Yes, you can unlock it yourself for free. No need to pay or use paid application to do so. This method may not work for all carrier locked Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (N7100, N7105, SGH-T889, SGH-I317M, T889V). But many reported it work for them and even on Galaxy S3 (AT&T SGH-I317). And no root access is required. It works on stock firmware. So far it is working on carrier locked devices like T-Mobile, EE, Orange, Bell, Rogers… Try it out yourself to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for free.

Unlock Galaxy Note 2

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for free?

  1. Go to ServiceMode by dialling *#197328640#.
  2. Select [1] UMTS – [1] Debug Screen – [8] Phone Control – [6] Network Lock – Options [3] Perso SHA256 OFF
  3. Wait for a minute.
  4. Go back with back button.
  5. At [6] Network Lock, choose [4] NW Lock NV Data INITIALLIZ.
  6. Wait for a minute again.
  7. Reboot your Galaxy Note 2.
  8. That’s all.

My Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is factory unlocked. So I can’t test it myself. Let me know the result after you tried it. And do get more info from XDA Forum.


  1. Hi Jayce,

    Mine Note 2 is from Rogers Canada, which is recently got and is on 4.1.2. I don’t have that option [4], “At [6] Network Lock, choose [4] NW Lock NV Data INITIALLIZ.” I review the XDA forum and learned that I may have to downgrade to 4.1.1 in order to have that option. (

    I’m really new to Android, so I appreciate if you can direct me the steps to downgrade to 4.1.1 and steps to upgrade (go back to the original version, 4.1.2, I don’t want to loose the warranty though). People at XDA mentions I don’t need odin, KIES can do the work, I don’t know how.

    (Quote: It seems you are in Luck. They have KIES Version of 4.1.1 for your NOTE 2. This should be walk in a park as you don’t have to use ODIN. Just use KIES to go backwards. Unlock it and then go back Forward again.)

    Much appreciate!

  2. hello and i was trying to unlock my note 2 and when i got to the point of step 5 i did not see that optionso if you coould please redirect me it would help alot. thank you

  3. Hi dear Jayce,

    I have a SHV-E250K , note2 32 gb with antenna)
    , i have a problem like ussd code running error, when ever i type *111# which is to check balance for my simcard.

    phone is working fine the phone calls and 3g wifi , snote,etc is fine on 4.3 updated OTA.

    i tried to unlock the USIM lock in the phone, but after entering the 0000 default code twice still it dont accept and tell i have 1 chance to enter correctly.
    I tried to factory reset it but still the counter is same so i cannot try anything else than a correct code now.
    is it that which is stopping me from using ussd codes.

    Can i get the ussd codes function by rooting the phone, is it safe to root this model.
    Or do i need to unlock it , how can i do it,,

    thankYou very much for these postss

  4. ThankYou, for the reply,,

    1.How can i check my phone is Boot loader locked or not.
    2.also i cannot dial ussd codes”*111#” to check my balance on phone, but can use any simcard. so i think it is not simlocked or may be partially unlocked(how can i make it sure..)are these the symptoms of partially unlocked phone.

    Thanks Dear jaycee

  5. SHV-E250K

    dial 319712358
    password : 774632
    this will open a hidden kt menu,, but still can hlep to solve the “ussd code running” error.. i cannot run any ussd codes in my note2. i can use any sim to call msg 3g etc… but cannot use ussd codes like *12345# etc.. so i cannot use the code u provided here
    1. Go to ServiceMode by dialling *#197328640#. shows ussd code running.. how can i correct this, My cellphone tracker is switched off too.. it is running on 4.3 android, olleh version of note2..SHV E250k , firmware is E250KKKUENC3.
    have a good day Mr Jaycee

  6. Hi,
    As well another problem is i tried to change usim pin, but after entering two times defauld 1234 , the phone cannot unlock and has one more try left, i hard reset the phone but it shows still the same..
    usim personalization to {dont require password to use other usim} also is locked with a password.
    How can i open those…. Will a rooting solve these problems, I also want to remove the olleh screen that appears when phone starts.
    ThankYou, good day


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