How to unroot Redmi 1S?

We can root Redmi 1S fairly easy. How about unroot Redmi 1S? Basically, the procedure is the same. Just you will need another update file which will disable root access natively. It will bring your Redmi 1S back to original stage again. Root permission tab will be grey out again in Security application.

Root permission tab disabled

How to unroot Xiaomi Redmi 1S?

  1. First all, disable root access on Security application – Permission.
  2. Then download update file here.
  3. Put it on your Redmi 1S internal storage root level.
  4. Go to Tools.
  5. Launch Updater.
  6. Press Menu hardware button.
  7. Then click on Select update package.
  8. Look for and select it.
  9. Press Update.
  10. Confirm by click on Start update.
  11. That’s it.
MIUI version without x.x.1

You should get MIUI version without .1 at behind after unroot Redmi 1S.

Root permission tab enabled but no root access

If you did not disable root access in Security application – Permission before unroot. You will get the same result like screenshot above. Root access is disabled but the tab is not. No harm to leave it this way. Or root it again then unroot to fix it.



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