How to upgrade Galaxy S4 firmware with OTA software update?

OTA (Over-the-air) software update is the best way to update Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S4. Yes, it is very simple and fast to upgrade to the latest firmware. And enjoy the new features, improved stability or bugs fix in the latest OTA software update. Usually, the OTA update package is below 100 MB in size. Not like the whole firmware which takes more than 1 GB file size. The best part, no PC or Mac is needed. The firmware update process is done on Galaxy S4 itself.

OTA update Galaxy S4
Latest Galaxy S4 OTA software update

How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S4 firmware with OTA software update?

  1. Brings up Settings.
  2. Select More tab.
  3. Go to About device.
  4. Click on Software update.
  5. Select Update ~ Check for updates.
  6. System will download update package (if available).
  7. Finally, select Install.
  8. That’s it.

Galaxy S4 will be rebooted into recovery mode and install the update package. Everything will be done in minutes. Enjoy…


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