How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S3 firmware with Samsung Kies?

You can upgrade Samsung Galaxy S III firmware through OTA method. However, you might not get OTA notification about new upgrade. And “no update available” prompted when you checked for update manually. No worry, there is another official way to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S3 firmware ~ through Samsung Kies. Basically, just launch Samsung Kies application at PC or Mac. Then plug in USB cable to your Samsung Galaxy S3. Continue the firmware upgrade by follow the onscreen instructions. Still don’t get it? No worry, just follow my picture step by step guide to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S3 firmware with Samsung Kies…

New Samsung Galaxy S3 firmware available

You will get a pop up if a new firmware version is available when you connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to Samsung Kies. Just click Update to start the firmware upgrade process.

Or click Firmware upgrade if you miss the pop up.

Read all the instructions carefully. Then check I have read all of the above information. Finally, click Start upgrade.

Downloading and preparing firmware upgrade components will take few minutes only.

This is the slowest step of the whole processes. Samsung Kies will download the whole Samsung Galaxy S3 firmware from Samsung server. Usually, Samsung Galaxy S3 firmware size is around 600 MB to 900 MB. Unlike OTA update which usually around 50 MB in size. So take a cup of coffee if you have a slow Internet connection. Mine took around half an hour on 4 Mbps Internet connection.

Your Samsung Galaxy S3 will boot into Odin Download Mode during this stage. Note – Don’t disconnect the USB cable. This process should take less than 10 minutes.

Firmware upgrade complete

Your Samsung Galaxy S3 will reboot by itself after firmware upgraded successfully. That’s all. Enjoy the latest official firmware for Samsung Galaxy S3.


  1. Hi Jayce,

    I am grateful to stumble upon your website, very helpful. I am new to SGS3 too.

    I have successfully root my SGS3 recently. Then come this new firmware upgrade.

    I did receive notification to upgrade and tried to upgrade over wifi (20Mbps Unifi) twice, but failed. I am not yet trying using Kies.

    Is it because of the SGS3 has been rooted that I could not upgrade the firmware?

    Thanks for your advice.


  2. Hi Jayce,

    I got my GT-I9300 several days before. At that time, I could connect the device to my PC (Windows 7) via Kies, so the S3 firmware was updated. However, since then, it has been unable for Kies to recognize my S3 any more. Kies always shows “connecting” every time I mạke a cable connection between my S3 with the computer. Moreover, when I connected my phone with the computer, a number of cable drivers was installed. However, the “SAMSUNG Mobile MTP Device” was never installed successfully.

    Could you please help me to fix this problem, please.
    Thank you.

  3. It is so fun. The problem is solved, but my Windows are ok, for both of my computers. The trouble only better only when I choose manufactory-reset for my phone. Then, it works. 😀

  4. Hi i bought sgs3 from the singaporian samsung agent it is GT-i9300 but has some carrier apps .as im a biginner i wanna know if this is a international network unlocked phone ?

  5. hi

    i upgraded my phone it show me 100% then it disconnect from kies and i cant connect again , but my phone still Odin Download Mode , and it taking too much time more than 1 and half hour already pass ?

    and i dont know what to do , should keep waiting or what

        • Hi again :
          actually its not upgraded 🙁 , its the same thing happen every time
          also its different firmware than the one in the pics you post
          current : PDA:LE9/PHONE:LE8/CSC:LE9
          new : PDA:LF2/PHONE:LF2/CSC:LF1

          sorry for disturbance but i just got my device two days ago

            • Friends,
              I have a similar problem as Mohammed.
              i bought my phone from Amazon this week and while i try to upgrade it, it stops at 100% and stays there..
              After looking around my CSC code seems like it is DBT (Germany), n i do not think my phone is rooted or anything. I am not very good at all this.
              Can i change my CSC to a UK code as I live in UK?
              Any help about the CSC and firmware upgrade is appreciated.

  6. When I connect my S3 to Kies it shows the firmware versions but says “Your device does not support software upgrading vis Kies” I’m in the UK and I bought the handset from O2 service provider. I have not rooted or changed anything, I’m very reluctant to go to 3rd party download options, if its and offiicial upgrade why can I not use official Samsung utilities??

  7. I have a SGS3 rooted and it will not update via wifi , waing it to charge because on kies I cannot upgrade in “low battery” until my phone charges I have some questions :
    do I need to root again after the update?
    doe anyone knows when Android 4.0.5 wii came out?

  8. Hi, Jayce
    after i updated the firmware, i disconnect the USB cable, then my galaxy s3 show the android picture with a text
    Do not turn off the target”

    What should i do ?

      • I had a similar problem. Tried to upgrade 3 times with same result. Rebooted/restarted everything and still failed. I changed my cheap 3rd party USB cable for a good one and it worked straight away. So not all USB cables are equal. Come to think of it, there was a warning about not using the supplied cable in the instructions.

  9. keep showing failure to update on my s3. help pls? i did 3 times, and all 3 times fail. and once with connection timeout.

  10. hi,

    excuse me. I have a question: I have installed many applications on my if I upgrade my firmware by using this way, will my applications still remain or all of them will be deleted?!.


  11. Hi

    I had some trouble downloading this new upgrade at first, it kept failing again and again. Then I read you can’t have your phone rooted. So, I unrooted it, downloaded the new firmware (it actually worked this time) and I now have the new firmware on my phone according to my phone’s information. But I can’t see any of the updates that are supposed to be there now i.e. no brightness display icon/setting in the drop down notification bar. My phone has no problems or anything, just curious as to why nothing new has showed up.

    Do you possibly know what could have caused this? I wonder if anyone else has had this problem?

    Thank you.

  12. Ahh……that might be it. That’s a shame. But my phone is still working well which is the main thing. ^_^

    Thank you very much for your help.

  13. hello.

    I have a problem with this solution. actually when I click on start upgrade, suddenly the connection between the phone and Kies lost! and turns in to disconnected! how can I fix that?

  14. Whats in the latest lf1 upgrade? Is it really worth upgrading?

    I heard that the camera shutter sound cannot be disabled in the upgrade – is this true?

  15. Hello,

    I have Galaxy S III and few days ago I received a software update notification and I asked to remained me after 6 hours, when I connected the phone to WIFI a message of no upgrade available appears, after one day, I checked if there is a software update and the following message appears ” Failed to update firmware due to network or server problem.”
    I connected my phone to Kies and follow your above instruction but after Kies download the firmware the following message appears in Kies “Faild to run firmware upgrade. Unknown error occured”

    What can I do?


  16. Hi Jayce,

    I found the issue and I updated my phone.
    The issue was that I had Nokia OVI suite installed in my PC, I removed it, restart my PC and its worked 🙂

  17. Sir im using kies in my laptop with vista almost halfway through the process but it also prompt error then i press ok then all stop’s.please advice me what to do..thanks in advance

  18. Jayce,
    is kies the slowest ever?? or is it just me? takes ages to connect to the device…& when it does the operation is miserably slow. i have intel i5 processor with 4 gb ram ssd drive ultrabook, relatively new pc.
    ok, so once i connected it prompted for a firmware update. prompted to back up before updating firmware. back it self was not possible for some reason. was fed-up & decided to go in for the update instead… it happened partly on the phone & for some reason hung up midway… & started displaying a message “firmware upgrade encountered an issue. please select recovery mode in kies & try again.” does not connect to kies at all. neither does the phone re-boot soft or hard… its been well over 4 hours & furstrating to a point, i feel like returning the phone. i am now stuk with a phone that has the above message dispalyed. phone does not come on neither does it go off!!! i need help.

  19. Jayce,

    I have two issues.

    1. I bought my phone from an online store and they said it came from a different country. The phone came with Vodafone widgets and apps, and restoring factory settings doesn’t get rid of these apps. My country doesn’t even have Vodafone. Is there any way of getting rid of these apps permanently so that it won’t be part of my phone (even after resetting to factory data)?

    2. The first time I turned on my phone, there was a notification regarding a software update. I was able to update my firmware after clicking the notification. BUT.. now that there are newer updates, if I check updates manually in my phone, it says “No update available”. How do I fix this? My current build number is “IMM76D.I9300BUALF1”

    Hope you can reply soon.


  20. Hi Jay,
    thank you for the link. This is precisely what i had done. I had done everyting right to the extent of using the phone in airplane mode so that the download is not imterrupted with calls. The download on the pc it self seemed like ages to happen (note: wired network speed of 8mbps, ultrabook intel i5 4gb ram bought a month ago, no issues with it at all) it reached a point where the status bar on the phone & pc never seemed to budge. I just blamed it on kies & left things as they were for an hour & a half, in a bid, again, not to interrupt anything. The phone u0-pgrade status bar just did not change, it got stuck on the status screen. soft reset, hard reset to no avail. Kies on the pc hung too, its good that ctrl+alt+del works wonders on the pc.
    Another issue with samsung, it does not have the convenience of contact transfer from one phone to another like the one HTC has. Switch it on the first time & it prompts you for transfer from old phone. within 2 minutes all contacts are transfered via bluetooth. Sync my old phone (Iph 4) to outlook/google then use the ever so slow kies for outlook transfer??? & the google sync!! is there any other way?? PLEASE!!!

  21. i was left with no other option than to give it back to the service centre. as i said it wouldnt soft reset or hard reset. even reconnecting the battery wouldnt help. it was in a useless state so using another pc was out of the question.

  22. Hi,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Could you tell me how I can update the firmware of my Samsung galaxy s3
    Also why I do not recieve signal on it and it is not blocked.


  23. Hi Jayce
    what to do if the latest upgrade of firmware via Kies hangs (in the firmware upgrade progress phase, at 77%) for the latest Galaxy 3 offered firmware?
    it has been going on for 1.5 hour now and remains stuck there…
    GT-I9300 Ver.
    best regards,

  24. Hi jayce…
    i just want ask u something..
    after i upgrade the latest firmware on my S3
    my s3 become slow & sometime laging…
    u got solution for it?

    Thx 😉

  25. My friend, everything looks good in pictures but in reality we get boat load of errors.. I am trying to update to latest firmware for the past 24 hours and it crashes every time. Then i have to disconnect the battery and reboot the phone.. You have to give it to Apple folks – they have their act together.. Cheers. I am not giving up on SGS3 – not just yet. Love the phone but it’s a pain so far (i am attributing it to teething issue..). Cheers.

    • boy, I had same problem with G3, and the phone ended up locked. however, Kies offers a nice recovery mode program (it took 3 times to get started all right), which put it back together again and completed the upgrade. in the process, it got rid of the carrier specific software (which displays a logo and plays a tune at startup and probably does many other things unnoticed) and the phone works all right now.

  26. Here are the details of my problem.. Still working on SoB to get the firmware upgraded..
    1) I connect and everything is good.. Kies downloads the latest Firmware
    2) As soon as it decompresses the file..
    3) I get Green Robot on my phone displayed..and
    4) In Kies I notice – it says like either “Device disconnected..” or “Device not recognized..”
    5) Pop-up window saying “Device is not recognized..” Please unplug.. take out the battery… blah..blah..
    6) I am frustrated with it.. yikes.. but I am not giving up on it.. 😀

    Cheers.. and thanks if anyone can help and advise..
    I have:
    1) Uninstalled and re-installed Kies
    2) reset phone to factory settings.
    3) drank 3 cokes and 3 coffees right at my desk… 😀

  27. Hey Jayce,

    Forgive me if you’ve answered this already. Searched the above comments but didn’t see anything. If i’m rooted w stock rom, can I do the update via kies or is odin the only option?


  28. My issue is Kies fails to download the firmware update it keeps timing out – the OTA option is non functioning unlike my last phone an HTC – so Kies is the only way to upgrade! my observation is what about all the people that don’t have a pc or access to Broadband what are they supposed to do? – my last phone an HTC desire HD you just clicked check for updates in the about phone section and tell it to start – Samsung be ashamed of yourself for pushing this rubbish at your customers – this is the last Samsung phone I have

  29. Hi jayce, Im a samsung note user. Is this gonna be the same way for upgrading?
    As I am trying to upgrade my phone, half way in the upgrading progress, an error msg prompt up saying connection timeout. Its not succesful right? What should I do?

  30. Finally managed to get it to update via Kies – it turns out there was two issues – the first being it was Orange who removed the check for updates and over the air upgrade from the about section and the second being that Samsung’s servers cannot cope with the amount of people trying to update – I managed it by doing at 02:00 on a Sunday morning – – this is not a good experience as a customer – I have a call back from the service centre on Tuesday that needs me to let them know its now ok – this phone very nearly went for repair because Orange have been idiots and removed the OTA update option to save money, wonder how many people will be sending them off for repair when its not really needed.

  31. hi jayce,
    i have a problem , i don’t know if my s3 is rooted or not..
    and i tried to upgrade my firmware from says no response from device..
    and from OTA : no update available when there is an update 🙁
    help plz

  32. Hi,
    I have one problem. When I connect my S3 to Kies it shows the firmware versions but says “Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies” I don’t know what the problem is and I would like if you can help me because my phone is so weird now. I have also problem with phone ringing. It doesn’t ring when someone call me or send me a message even though sound are on. Is that because firmware is not upgraded or?
    Thank in advance

  33. i have a file for the sgs3 to update it to 4.1.1 (jellybean) it is an official but leaked update file for bell canada does anybody know how to install it using samsung kies? apparently there is supossed to be a way but i am unable to find it.

  34. Great site! I’m going to root my shiny new S3 but not install any custom roms or kernels. Will it still be able to pick up updates via kies? And if I do a kies update does this effectively unroot my phone and supersu / cwm will be removed?

  35. Hi there i Have My s3 when connected to Kies i get Device does not support upgrading via Kies, I have had it rooted at one stage custom firmware. But i recentlly flashed back to stock and un-rooted it.

  36. hi, I bought the Samsung S3 in UK and I already unlocked it from the service(network) provider.And I moved to Canada.Now my mobile is not working in here.what is the problem?? how can I make it working??It would be grateful if someone give me the solution.

  37. hi, i have samsung galaxy s3. i try to update firmware with kies but i can’t its showing “failed to run firmware upgrade. Unknown error occurred.” please help me what can i do.

  38. Hey jayce i want to ask u something if while upgrading the s3 the internet connection stop or disconnect for 2 or 4 min whats happend then my s3 will stopped working or what? And at the last step when the phone restart by it self i must disconnect the usb an that all or to disconnect and reconnect like what they said in the pic ? And thx u a lottt

    • Hi james, no idea about the connection breakdown. It should continue to download.
      I did not disconnect and reconnect at the last stage since I don’t use Samsung Kies to sync my data. But you can do so as instructed.

  39. Me too i don’t use it so when he restart and the screen go on it samsung galaxy s3 GTi9300 i must disconnect the phone or wait to the setup to appear ? and that s all the phone is upgraded .

  40. Hi Jayce

    I’m having problems with both OTA and Kies.

    For one, OTA is impossible for me, as I’m on orange, and apparantly they like to remove the ‘Software update’ button found under settings.

    But when I resorted to using Kies instead, I still find myself stuck; On the first computer, my phone would connect ok, and I would be prompted to update to the latest firmware. I would do this, and the stage ‘Downloading firmware upgrade components’ would begin, and reach 100%. However, as soon as this stage begins, in the background, I can see that Kies looses connection with my phone as though it were unplugged, when it infact is. When downloading firmware upgrade components reaches 100%, the window closes, and when ‘Downloading file for firmware upgrade’ stage should begin, it doesn’t – instead, Kies reconnects to my phone, and restarts the whole process, and prompts me to update again, as though I had never even tried the first stages beforehand.

    I then tried using my laptop. This did not encounter the same problem; however, when ‘downloading file for firmware upgrade’ stage was reached, it is painfully slow (4 hours for 70% – as far as it has ever gotten for me), and always fails with the error along the lines of operation timed out.

    I contact samsung support over this, they suggested to reinstall kies. I have done so, with no change. Any ideas? (This is so frustrating I don’t know why I just don’t give up, haha) Sorry for the long winded moaning.

  41. Hi Jayce,

    I have a rooted S3 with Baseband Version I9300XXLFB (Build NumberIM76D.I9300XXBLFB). Now I am trying to unroot the phone and get back the status to Normal (from Modified). I have already used Triangle Away to reset the flash counter.

    Can you help me with these 2 questions?:

    Can I use Kies to update the firmware? If I do so, will the Status go back to Normal or will continue to appear as Modified?

    Since I actually don´t need the root, I want to recover the possibility of recurring to the Guarantee in case it is needed.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  42. Hi
    Since 2 weeks ago my phone have started to drain the battery very quickly on stanby.
    over the night it can drop from 100% to 80, this is really frustrating!!
    i do not even have wifi and 3g on, and all my auto- synchronize is off. i have the lates uptades and i have no ide what to do…

    Any tips? Thanks man!

  43. i have upgraded my S3 successfully to the Latest firmware and Kies now is detecting that i am having the latest firmware .

    but in the setting menu in the phone ia m still having V 4.0.4 , kindly advise

  44. Thanks alot for your prompt answer ,is there any risk if i downloaded Jelly beans for another region as you have indicated above ?

  45. hiii…i have connected my SGS3 via usb and also i am using the tethering option wi_hotspot for the internet connection…….
    when i connected to kies it’s showing a firmware update….
    when i clicked on update it showing progress till 99% afterwards it’s not showing anything..
    help me……

  46. I don’t think so, here’s what happened. A few days ago the mobile said there was an update for the software, but i pressed cancel by mistake rather than pressing ” remind me later” since then whenever i wanted to update it said there was a queue & I had to wait, that’s why i used kies….

  47. is there any risk to my phone if i update using these instructions also if i dont like it or doesn’t work can i go back to previous

  48. Ive installed Samsung Kies but it keeps crashing on my computer. It gives a error message that a monitoring program is running in the background and it wants me to remove it. That has to be my AVG antivirus but why does it want me to remove it?? It worked once before(with the same error) but was laggy and couldnt detect my S3 but it kept trying. It asked for a update and then it didnt work at all. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but to no avail.
    Ill try downloading it again but please help me out here

  49. Hello . i have a problem i have samsung S3 with the version of android 4.0.4 and i wanna update him on 4.1.1 i wanna know how ? I was install kies but not do it nothing its takes to much time to connect . How can i resolve this problem? And if you know please help me !

  50. Hello !
    Description of the problem and the solution for me.

    Downloading firmware 99% it stops nothing happens further.

    Before upgrade backup all data.
    Proceed without saving data and start upgrade.

  51. Hi!

    Love your articles – you recently helped me unlock my samsung s3. I could do with some more help. My voicemail number is 269, when i try and change it I get an error saying ‘unsuccessful’ and it reverts back to the old number!

    I am sure it is simple, can you please help!

    Rob 🙂

  52. When I try to update via kies it says I’m running the most current firmware available when in fact im not
    Any suggestions? Im not rooted.

  53. Hi. I’m trying to update my Samsung Galaxy S3 to the new firmware but I can’t because it stopps at 99% when it’s downloading the new firmware. I am using samsung kies and my phone is bought from orange. Please tell me how can i do the update! Thanks!

      • Hey Jayce thanks for your answer..i think my pc is the problem because today i tried to do my update on other pc and it succeed downloading the software but i had 26% battery so it wouldn’t let me do the update..i will try to do this again tomorrow. Anyway..thanks a lot!

  54. Hi Jayce,

    If I am degrading from latest firmware to the previous version in that case I have to go with Odin for which I am aware. When we are updating the firmware through Kies in that case entire data inside the phone remains untouch including settings & applications, now my doubt is if I am degrading my device using Odin in that scenario also my data, applications & settings will remain untouch or else everything will get erased. Please guide me in this regards.

    Thanking you in advance.

  55. Hi Jayce,
    I’m trying to upgrade my firmware via Kies.
    Everything goes fine, download firmware works, until I’m told there is insufficient space and 3000mb is needed. !!!
    My C; drive has only a little space as it’s partitioned for OS.
    I went into Kies preferences and changed directory to my D: drive with 500Gb free.
    My phone has 11Gb internal free and 14Gb external free.
    When I tried again, I get the same message.
    Any ideas m8.

      • I rebooted my PC and phone and tried again and got past that stage.
        I was told that the download was being sent to the phone.
        Then the green android man came on and all seemed well for a while.
        Then I got an error message saying the phone wasn’t recognised.
        I’m going through it all again now but it takes forever to get to that stage, and it may fail again.
        Any advice if it happens again?
        Could I download and save the firmware to my PC to save all the downloading time delays?

  56. now i cant update my S3 OTA as after the phone download the update it cant install it and when i go through kies …kies write : your device does not support updating via kies

  57. every time I try to upgrade the firmware it works to download components but after that it stops and nothing pops up,I’ve tried disabling the antivirus but that doesn’t do anything and my gs3 is not rooted

  58. Hi Jayce i bought my s3 with cwm in it what is that and how can i check if the phone is rooted or not? and when i update it manually it says when i rebot my phone than install is aborted or something like that what should i do please answear fast thanks in advance 🙂

  59. But mine said ” This device is not supported by Kies 2.0″
    What’s wrong? Is it my device or my computer?
    I’m running a ICS Galaxy S3 and windows 7 computer.

      • Successfully upgraded my firmware! Nope mine’s not installed custom firmware. It’s kies problem in my case. I don’t know what exactly happened to kies but I re-installed kies and viola; Works like a charm!
        Thank you very much for your reply!

  60. Hi Jayce,
    My problem is not related to upgrade of the firmware, but with the s3 in general, and would appreciate some help. I bought my phone last week and had my software upgraded through wi Fi a few days back.. after the upgrade when ever I receive a new sms the new sms icon show on my messaging icon but does not disappear even i read the new the message or delete all the contents of the inbox. The problem rectifies temporarily when i reboot the phone but same thing repeats when I get a new message.
    Dr Adeel

  61. A much more sane application approach is to let people disconnect the phone while the firmware is being downloaded to allow them to make calls.
    I’m trying to update via Kies instead of OTA to avoid being unable to use my phone while downloading through a lousy WiFi, but just realized that the Kies approach even takes longer than OTA.

  62. Hi, I don’t know if you can help with this but my s3 update fails on 26% whilst trying to install the new update. I have tried a few times and the same happens every time. When I connect to Kies I don’t get any notification of new update available. hope you can help. thanks

  63. my samsung kies stated it cannot connect the device GT i9300. how do i solve it?

    and when i click ‘update’ on my phone, it said ‘access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. try later’

    so how can i update to JB 4.1? currently 4.0.4 pls help

  64. I used Kies to download pictures of my house after the Hurrican Sandy! I really needs these pictures for insurance and now they are gone off the phone and Kies only shows upload and Instagram pics. All the camera pictures are gone!! Please help! How can I get the back , are they saved on my computer somewhere???

    Thank you

  65. I was incorrect, turns out my husband accidentally deleted them from his phone. He only has internal storage, please tell me there is a way to retrieve them.

  66. Hi,
    I recently bought a Samsung S3 (North American Version – SGH-I747M) and it is rooted already. I have two issues on my mobile.

    1) When I am trying to connect my S3 through Kies, it will not recognize my mobile. I tried several ways. (enable USB debuggin/Disable) but no luck.

    2) I couldn’t update my mobile software.

    Is there anything wrong on my mobile. Please help me on this.

  67. Hi,

    I bought Galaxy SIII from Hongkong but using it in Indonesia. Few days ago, I downloaded small patches (around 20MB) and it changes the baseband version to XXLH1.
    AP: I9300ZSBL1
    CP: I9300XXLH1
    CSC: I93000ZSBL1

    Can I change my firmware to Indonesia/Singapore/Malaysia firmware, so I can get Jelly Bean Update?

  68. Hi Jayce,
    I recently bought a GS3 GT-I9300, rooted it but still in stock recovery and stock firmware (ICS). Few days back I got the OTA Jelly Bean update notification, so I tried updating it. The update downloads the necessary files and runs through the update process and finally requests me to reboot the device. Once that’s done, I get a update failure notification. Still in ICS.

    So then I tried updating through Sansung Kies, it shows me that there is a new update. When I continue it gives a couple of of which is “Devices that have been rooted or modified with customized software may experience a failure during the upgrade process”.
    Do you think this will be a problem?. Will it be safe since it anyway goes into Odin mode,, Or do I have to manually update to JB using Odin?.
    Many Thanks in advance!


  69. Hi Jayce,
    I cannot view my message. It’s keep on mentioning “Unfortunately,Messaging has stopped”
    How to solve this?? please assist.

  70. hi my s2 galaxy is not starting up properly?
    it goes from the samsung logo screen to the service provider screen and then it just keeps doing that , this is in start up mode when u turn on the fone.
    ive tried clear cache by holding the 3 buttons and selected ” clear cache ” and thats all,…so i still have not come across a resolution…

    im going to samsung customer care to deal with this…do u know if i can get all my data back ??….

    amjad khan…, london

  71. Hi Please i need a help!!!!! i just finish upgrade my firmware via kieas wi fi, but in my s3 , once i open about device , “software update ” is not showing at the top , only “status” and i have ANDROID VERSION 4.0 , PLEASE HOW I CAN GET SOFTWARE UPDATE to 4.1 .

  72. OK, I have tried the Jelly Bean Firmware upgrade through Kies and it goes through the beginning process and the minute the first download screen pops up it disconnects my S3 from Kies and then when it gets to 100% it automatically closes Kies without downloading to phone. What is happening??

  73. Hi Jayce,
    I have been trying to upgrade my S3 to jellybean but OTA shows no update available and Kies shows that the firmware is the latest one.
    But I am still on ICS.
    I have bought my S3 from Australia but I am using it in India.
    Could that be a problem?

  74. Hi, I’m such a newb at all this. I just wanted to know what will happen if I flash an official firmware on my phone thru Odin… Am I still eligible for future OTA updates or not any more?

  75. Hi everyone I’m going crazy over here trying to update my Att S3 to jellybean through kies. I downloaded the kies program on my windows 7 starters edition. Everything goes smooth til I get to the preparing firmware update window. It downloads 100% then the download window closes and the kies program closes. Nothing happens please help

  76. hi
    i am trying to update my sg3 using samsung kies. evrything was fine but when i get to “firmware update progress”. it takes more than 10 minutes to move up a percent. now i am stuck on 9% though it took 2 hours as a whole and an complete hour in this stage for only 9%. i wonder how long does it take to update completely. the problem is with my internet connection. the speed is 0.48mbs. i dont know what to do and i don’t have the patience to wait.
    shall i disconnect it?
    what would hapen if i do so?

    please answer as soon as possible.

  77. Your device’s curent firmware version is not suported to update firmware via kies
    curent firmware version : PDA:LF2 / PHONE:lf2 ?CSC:LF2 (DBT)
    im on 4.04
    someone can help me with some info? cant update via kies and cant update via phone
    never root the phone

  78. Hi Jayce,

    For some reason I kept on getting notification that there is a software update but every time my phone reboots, it just fails!

    I tried kies but it just says that I’ve the latest udpate, which can’t be, my friend has one too and he made the update and I can clearly see the difference.

    Help please.

    It’s been like this since I bought it in October. I’m frustrated w/ this phone.

  79. Hello Jay,
    I’m trying to update my GS3 (GT-i9300 from AFR region) using OTA, but keep getting the following message:

    “! Software update
    Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later.”

    Upon attempting the update through KIES (for Mac, ver. running on Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.2, both on an iMac and a MacBook Pro), KIES recognizes my device, then warns me of the software update. But when I click on the update button, it ALWAYS “loses connection” with the device, and does not even download the firmware. I don’t know what else to do (have tried clearing data and force stopping google services framework to force the OTA as well).

    Any recommendations?
    Thanks in advance!!!

      • Hi Joyce!

        Thanks for the quick reply. I did that, and also followed some of your advice from other comments as to fully charging the battery AND using the original Samsung cable. Not sure why that would matter (was using my Mophie pack usb cable) and presto –that did the trick on Kies. Now running 4.1.2


  80. i am also experiencing the upgrade getting stuck at the downloading upgrade components portion, it hits 100% and just locks up. i have to shut down the whole program using task manager.
    i believe the main problem is my very slow laptop, but is there settings i should be changing on my phone to get this thing to run? all the developer options are turned off.

  81. I tried this for my Galaxy S2. My PC got crashed after downloading the firmware. Now Iam not getting the firmware update option. It Says that I got the new version of the firmware. How could I update it again.?

  82. i have tried so many times to update my Samsung s3 through kies and it just wont do it.. it takes so long to prepare for firmware upgrade and it said it had completed 100 percent then went off.. keeps saying that my phone is connecting all the time,, please someone help!!!

  83. hi,after recharging my s3 19300 my phone is in power on and off mode continueslly not able to call in betwwen it gets switched off and then restart again will software update solve my problem

  84. Hi. I really do need help. I just factory reset my phone and everything is going fine until i tried to update it. and then my s3 would restart and stuck at the samsung logo for a long time. i left it for a whole night but it still doesnt boot. so i tried using kies to firmware upgrade but then problem occurs again. the download stops halfway. i also tried to leave for a whole night but it just doesnt continue. so i tried again and again same problem happen. can you help me?


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